How to Get Rid of Shirt Wrinkles

Do you feel these six easy alternative way to iron clothes?

Sometimes there is a situation where there is a need to iron a shirt or other garment wrinkles out but there is not an iron. The website has listed a few ways to cope with this situation.

  1. Put the shirt hang hanger next to the shower and close the bathroom door and a window. Go to a hot shower for a period of 10-15 minutes, but be careful not to get wet shirt. A hot shower aroused by steam smoothes wrinkles from a shirt.

  1. Moisten the shirt slightly at the points where there are wrinkles. Put the hair dryer to the lowest blowing power and allow it to blow warm air from a shirt to get a few cents.
  2. Put on a clean shirt on the floor or on a table. Put it on top of moistened towel and pat off the towel.
  3. If the outside air is dry, take your shirt hanging rope. Spray the shirt a little water and leave it to dry. Humidity and solar thermal straighten wrinkles.
  4. Keep your shirt on 20-30 centimeters from the kettle rising vapors. This smoothes wrinkles light.
  5. Allow the hair straightener to warm up a bit, but do not allow it to get hot.Straighten the wrinkles from a shirt straightener as suorentaisit hair. Hold the iron in place only a short moment at a time. Read more on