How to Get Perfect Eyeliner Looks

Here are a few simple steps to apply the most of the black eyeliner: an ideal mat for each type of make up, both in gel, liquid or in the pen. All the secrets for perfect application.

Gives a definite and magnetic eyes, magnifies the eye and can be used for different types of make-up: it’s the eyeliner to be discovered between types and application intelligence.

In trade there are different types of eyeliner:


  • Eyeliner liquid: a flask, generally funnel-shaped with the neck a bit ‘stretched, which contains the product in the base of the funnel and the brush supplied in the neck. The composition, in this case, is very liquid and then, must be very careful in ‘application.The brush supplied can be of two types: Felt, stiff enough and with the tapered tip; in bristles, much more soft and subtle. A great product is represented dall’eyeliner liquid Kiko, with the brush felt or liquid eyeliner of Dolce & Gabbana , with the brush bristles
  • Eyeliner gel: the product has a consistency soft, but not runny, which comes in small packages typical of cream eyeshadows. To spread the product is necessary to have an oblique flat bristle brush or a precision tapered brush. A good product is the eyeliner gel 24H Euestudio lasting drama Maybelline or Aqua Black Make up For Ever.
  • Eyeliner Pen in: packaging reminiscent of a marker, the tip of which allows quick and easy application, even for the less experienced. A good product is certainly They, re real! push-up liner   Benefit or ink for eyes of Urban Decay.

Gel Eyeliner Or Liquid Eyeliner

The eyeliner application, be it gel or liquid, it is very similar.

  1. Taken a bit ‘of the product with the brush: make sure it is actually produced just so, to avoid getting dirty, scaricatene a bit’ on the back of his hand.
  2. Starting from thecenter of the eyelid and keeping the eye open seeds , draw small dashes up to the outer corner.
  3. Move to ‘entire corner and, by the same method, you reach the center of the eyelid.
  4. Following an imaginary line that the outer corner of the eye eventually reaches the end of the eyebrows , draw a dash: will be the basis of the typical tail or whisker
  5. After reaching the desired length,joined the end of the indent with the outside corner of the eye.
  6. Intensified orthickened the result achieved.

Eyeliner in penna

If you are novice, definitely the best product is the eyeliner pen.
The pen eyeliner application in fact is much more simple. Generally, the shape of this eyeliner resembles that of a pen for which, not only is more easy to handle, but also more easy to spread.

In this case, it is not necessary to start from the center of the eye.

  1. From the inner corner, draw a thin line until you reach the outer corner.
  2. After drawing the guideline,thickened to the desired size.
  3. Draw the tail as explained above, the point 4:05.

To correct any mistakes, simply obtain a cotton swab and a little ‘make-up remover!


And ‘advisable to apply eyeliner keeping the ‘semi-open eye, without stretching it as it is often done. In fact, the drawn lines are not exactly the length and the thickness in which we see if we pull the eye, whereby the end result will always be different from what we want to achieve.