How to Get a Perfect Face Skin

We are in the era when the East there is conquering. We have become more or less of the experts in food, art and, if we can, let’s start to have the ability to deal with a fascinating culture that is so different from ours.

How to Get a Perfect Face Skin

But as for the care of our body, only recently we are appreciating the innovative (for us) Eastern practices. Indeed our skincare habits are increasingly influenced by new cosmetic trends that now traveling precisely from east to west, so as to define a ‘asianificazione of beauty.

From Korea with Love

With the help of bloggers half American and half Korean Charlotte Cho, Korean rituals are becoming critical to the care of the skin on the face of so many western women. It is not just a matter of genetics: we know that Oriental women love to have the skin very white and have a smooth skin like silk. But this we must add a number of treatments that promote the beauty and purity of the skin. In his blog and e-shop and his first book The Little Book of Skin Care , Charlotte Cho told what are the secrets of Korean women, which consist of just 10 moves.

The basis of the cure of the Korean facial skin is the hydration, through the famous fabric masks, of which there are hundreds of variations. Another cornerstone is the prevention, avoiding exposure to the sun causes the blotchy skin and wrinkles. Other than tan! Prevention for us is often synonymous with sacrifice, while in Korea is a normal gesture of love towards the largest organ of our body and that is our skin.

Beauty routine coreana

They are only ten tricks, ten steps to follow. Be careful, do not do it every day and then, as we learn, will become faster and faster, and also do it every day will become a mere habit. And then, who among us does not like to carve out a bit ‘of time for themselves every now and then?

Another fundamental principle, the double cleansing : when we remove makeup before we do it with a makeup remover based on oil and then detergiamo with a water-based. At this point, our skin is ready for ‘hydration. The full Korean routine then provides:

– Make-up Remover oil-based
– Cleansing water based
– Exfoliating
– Toner
– Serum
– Mask fabric, the so-called ‘sheet mask’, about twice a week especially if the skin is very dry.In Korea, there are hundreds of types
– Eye Cream
– Moisturizer, morning and evening
– Sun protection, reapply throughout the day

What is the most wonderful thing of the Korean routine? You can apply any product you have available. Yay!

How much time

Ten steps in ten minutes. A perfect formula for those who do not like to stay too long in creams and masks for those who have a lot of patience in general.

Just a tip: when you do not feel obliged, good habits are such if you do willingly. It will certainly be one of the most obvious results. Our new motto from now onwards will have beautiful skin like that of a porcelain doll… Korean!