How to Fix the Suitcase

Practical Choice Of The Items In The Bag

The holiday period has begun for many people, many of them will face airports or bus stations to follow to their destination. After the passage, the main concern at the time of the trip is the case. When the path is by road, the constraints are much smaller, giving greater freedom to the passenger may take various items in your luggage. Now, to go to the location intended by means of a flight, should be aware of all the restrictions imposed by the air service.

The most important question when you will travel by plane is to make all your possessions fit in a suitcase with up to 23 kg, which is the allowed weight, so you don’t have to pay extra baggage fees. Besides the fact you have to pay for the heavier bag, when the volume is large and takes more of a travel bag, it runs the risk of having to wait for the rest of the luggage to arrive on a flight following, priority is given to meeting the weight bags. The rest can come later, if the luggage compartment is already crowded. But this is not as common as well.

At the time of packing, be practical and rational. The weight is limited and in the end you never use all the clothes and shoes. So, to start, evaluate very well the mood of the location where you are going, then, give preferences to neutral colors, so you can take fewer parts and make more combinations. In addition to the colors, the fabrics are also very important, if you don’t go to a place where you will make a iron clothes, choose fabrics that don’t love easily. Jeans are the best option, along with it comes the fabrics “ice cream”, as the jersey.

When considering footwear and handbags, also have priorities. Color and model combine with all the clothes and anything exaggeration. A tennis is always good, because travel is to hit leg and meet everywhere, a flat Sandals follows the same use, finger slipper is essential and some heels for any occasion you need. And the choice of stock exchange, take a night and one for the day is ready your suitcase.