How to Find The Right Fit for A Suit

With inexorable steps we approach the festive season. Christmas and do not forget New Year are, right back around the corner and these are good reasons to time to throw so right in shell! If you want to invest in a suit, the right fit is the alpha and omega of us, there are now a few tips that should observe her and make you purchase easier.

There are three different fits in suits:

  1. Slim Fit
  2. Regular Fit
  3. Modern Fit

Young men prefer at the suit selection usually a slim fit cut, because it has a tight and form-fit and just fresh and youthful looks. That does not mean that men should not wear slim fit suits more after a certain age, on the contrary! Who can afford and has the perfect figure to which it should even!

In a slim fit suit many prefer men to wear the trouser leg only to the ankle, so that you can still get something flashing socks. To put a fashion highlight it acts particularly well if the socks are a little conspicuous, for example have a chic color or a modern pattern. but of course it is also possible to wear the suit with the classic trouser length.


The perfect pant length can be recognized when the leg rests lightly on the shoe and the substance is a so-called “nose” has. So you call the fold which raises the leg of the shoe forward.

Now we come to the second fit, the regular fit . A regular fit suit is cut compared to the slim fit suit a little more generous, both on the trouser leg and the jacket. This section is the time-honored and classic fit under the suits, which does not mean that regular fit is the same old-fashioned. The leg should not end at the ankle because the leg is further exhibited something in this fit. The classic trouser length is needed here!

The Modern Fit Fit is the perfect cut for those who are not too tight, but also not like to wear their suit too far-precisely the means Ding!

Whether Slim, Regular-or Modern Fit, in all three fits, it should be noted that the BC gaping open when closing on the chest and not constrained at the placket in the buttoned-up state of the substance or pulls, but bears no wrinkles shock!

Our model wears today a classic black SLIM FIT SUIT from s.Oliver Premium. Is matched by including the fashionable SLIM FIT SHIRT from s.Oliver Premium in White. In the TIE we opted for the classic black model of fine silk, also from S.OLIVER PREMIUM.

The combination of this suit with shirt and tie is available up to 31.10.2015 in the form of a SUIT SETS at a great price.

To complement the solemn look, our model still carries a HANDKERCHIEF FROM TOM RUSBORG, a black leather belt from Lloyd and chic SCHÜRSCHUHE FRAN TINA .

Finish is the chic Mr. today!