How to Dress Well for an Evening Wedding

The wedding parties held at night tend to be somewhat more formal than weddings that are made day, and this can be a little complicated to prepare your clothes for a wedding held in evening hours.

Instantly receive the invitation must look at Headquarters and the dress code for not embarrassed by being dressed (a) improperly. To go to an evening wedding dress (a) to perfectly read the following tips.

Check out the invitation in detail

Mostly the dress code is designated in the invitation card.

  • When the invitation indicated that the black tie, then women should use a long evening dress that comes to the floor. It takes this opportunity to dress as if you were going to the Oscars Awards.
  • If the invitation says black tie optional means that you don’t need to use long Tuxedo or evening dress, however guests can be considered free to do so. If men do not want to wear a tuxedo they can opt to wear only a black suit, instead women have the option of a short as well as cocktail evening dress long dress.
  • A cocktail suit means that both for men as for women clothing should be sophisticated. Women can opt for an evening gown if you want to, but if they should take into account that this conforms to the elegant atmosphere. Men have to wear a modern look, but the tuxedo is not adequate. For the atmosphere of cocktail men and women should wear costumes of dark colors.
  • It may be that the clothing is not set in the invitation, but if the party takes place abroad, avoid using high heels and choose a shoe that is more comfortable. Your outfit should be something more casual than a tuxedo for men or for women night dress.

Find out the place

If the seat is very formal, attire should also be more formal. Take a look with anticipation to the web site of the place to see the elegance that it possesses.

  • I advise you to take care of the length of your outfit.
  • What if you should avoid is a mini dress because it is too informal and weddings most considered it inappropriate. It is better that you choose something that comes up to the knee or mid-calf.

Opt for dark colors

In some time ago it was frowned upon black dress to attend a wedding, but today it is no longer so. You could say that it is the exact form of dress for an evening wedding party to attend.

Useful tips

  • Instead of loading a large bag you choose a handbag or one night.
  • To save money, you can see the prices in stores either in person or online.


  • Ask directly to the bride that you use is not so correct, rather ask one of the ladies or the bridesmaid dresses.
  • Avoid exaggeration on your outfit for not outshine the bride. If you like sequins, this time you will have them to put aside because they are very striking.
  • It is advisable that you not spend money in a dress that you’re not going to use.