How to Decorate the House

I am always the details that make the difference, even in furnishing a home. This is the reason why not just buy and place furniture haphazardly expensive, trendy sofas, beds by the most innovative materials, kitchens and hyper complicated accessories to achieve a “den” really ours, that speaks to us and our tastes, refined and not anonymous nor vulgar, that is functional and where every space has its own importance.

On the contrary, we must devote time and care to how to decorate the house, choosing the most useful products and the most comfortable solutions and above all according to our ideas and our needs. A very useful handbook you can find it here , with simple tips that will allow you to make new order and start thinking about the new decor.

It may seem rhetorical, but basically the house is “not simply a place where to pass the time, but where to feel joy for the rest of life”, as we remember the writer sergio bambaren .

In recent years, thanks to the development of technology and the Internet have spread so many programs, including bonus, which allow you to decorate the house to your computer, generating highly detailed three-dimensional reproductions of each environment and allowing to indulge at will and helping in the simulation than later we will try to replicate in reality. Experts advise to start by identifying the so-called “focal point” of each room or space that first catches the eye of those who enter, key to providing a great first impression of the environment.

Last news before we dive into some tips on how to decorate the house: as usual, the  Pantone Color Institute  has selected a color for the coming year. For 2015, the choice fell on  Marsala, a beautiful rich color, sophisticated and elegant which it takes its name from the famous Sicilian wine. Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of Pantone, explained that “it is a seductive tone, that drags us into his warm embrace. Marsala enriches our mind, exudes confidence and stability. “In addition, details to be reckoned with, is perfectly matched to both neutral colors in lighter shade, to the most intense and determined.

The  first area to consider is obviously the entrance, which welcomes anyone gates our door: in addition to the mirror, a real “must” timeless, here you can play with creativity, focusing for example on the different colors of the walls rest of the house or trying to lighting systems that give the feeling of more space. In addition, it is useful to hold a cabinet jackets and one empty pockets, from both practical function and aesthetic.

The kitchen  is our creative workshop: the latest trends concerning the care for the optimization of space, with the integration of more features even in smaller forms, but above the maximum customization of this, through modular solutions, equipment and accessories of each type of finish and color.

The living room, traditional representative dining room or area””, has turned into a living space all day and when receiving friends (in other words, in a “living”): this is where they can find a place the more personal furnishings, such as libraries, or large closets with cabinets to store objects and precious memories.

Another important area in which to test our imagination, is the personalization of the bathroom , which is becoming increasingly important in interior design: furniture with clean lines and geometric shapes, sanitary and faucets that are the envy of the luxury spa, fine finishes make the bathroom a corner of absolute pleasure.

We conclude with the most intimate and personal environment, the  bedrooms , our last refuge: fashion is a triumph of closets that now supplanting the old wardrobe, favoring space for the bed, the multifunctional furniture. If elegance is a must in the chamber of the “large”, for children  there are more possibilities to vary, with several modular solutions that take advantage of the size of the room, from the fun bunk beds.