How to Decorate a Luxury Home

The yard is a part of the house, so if you dedicated to decorate it, also have to devote to decorate the backyard, after all doesn’t help the interior be lovely if the visit come and see that backyard all ugly, won’t want to enter your House. See tips for decorating yard!

To start, the way …

Have you ever seen those caminhozinhos of pebbles? Isn’t it beautiful? And it’s not that hard to do. If you have an uneven ground, you need to fix that anyway plus get ugly, puddles form on time.

Settled terrain, pebbles. Buy at gardening stores pebbles of two colors in a color different from the other to give the highlight of the place where it is moving relative to the path’s boundary.

On the edge of the small road, you mix two colors and the way one color.

If you can, always keep the backyard lawn, that’s an aspect of cleaning and a good green grass by itself, it’s an article that turns the yard decoration.

If this is not possible, the ideal is to distribute the pebbles all over the area. Leave the yard right in land is not ideal, because in any little rain gets a lot of mud and sometimes it is inevitable to carry this mud into the House.

If your yard is large, take a small garden on it. Flowers always cheer the environment, seek to use varied colors and plant flowers of the season, gives care less work and you will have flowers always beautiful.

In the wooded part of the yard, put benches and tables with chairs, to be a pleasant place for a meeting with family or friends. In this area the floor can be covered with stones or wood, or even the pebbles for decoration as above.

If you do not have a wooded area in your backyard, you can put a pergola of wood, those who leave much of natural light pass, and in warmer weather, you can hold a thick fabric or cotton on it.

In a Pergola like this, you can even put the plants like vine, they will up the support and spread throughout the upper extension, giving an effect of living wall, in this case, roof alive.

Apart from being very beautiful, it’s going to be a very fresh environment, great for the warmer weather.

If your space is really great, you can adapt a barbecue and put a big table with benches in the back, instead of chairs. This decoration is ideal for family lunches or meeting with friends.

If your yard is next to a pool, you can distribute lounge chairs and wood tables with umbrella and put plants in flowerpots. Pool decor itself when done well, is worth as backyard decor.

The vines can also be used in the wall, if it is not very nice and you can’t move him.

Have in your backyard an environment for relaxation, with network or rocking chair … What’s the point of being nice, if not cozy for yourself?