How to Create a Chic Outfit

Hard to explain in a few words, even more complicated to achieve. The radical chic style is something that everyone wants to wear it very often that very few people can really guess. Do not believe? Being radical chic is something that goes beyond the simple black dress played down by a pair of sports shoes. it is not just “disengage an outfit.” there are people who are radical by the tips of the hair without meaning, while there are others who are desperate to become vain. Look how we see around decidedly not succeeded ?? The best solution to this big-big-problem is to try to NOT go overboard in wanting to emulate a style at all costs.


Chic style, we know what it is… a little black dress, clean, simple, delicate and feminine suits.The Radical however is anything but.
It is something spontaneous, not planned; a lock of hair fell to the case, the strap of a sweater going down, a turned jacket on his arms casually. A look unkempt we could say.
A scruffy perhaps programmed, maybe not, but certainly speak of an imperfect look.


Let’s face it in a more simple: make it less chic and heavy that departing seems absolutely elegant. So let’s go with look composed of jeans, turtleneck sweaters cream, string of pearls, soft chignon. Or even with a cigarette pants (male pattern) worn with a sweater or t-shirt a bit ‘over, bracelets that make the difference, a nude lipstick wire.


You know I hate things for granted and straviste, so I decided to interpret the radical chic look is not wearing a black suit. I chose as always from my closet vintage clothing second-hand garments tend to neutral.

The first boss that I selected was the pencil skirt high waist leather that is so trendy, I combined a light shirt in white cotton and have fully buttoned to give a touch “chic” to the look. The jacket then patterned squared (I have already said true that the textures are in extra-streams?) Is not a tight-fitting model that would make my outfit too serious and demanding.

The geometric and clean cut of the model and its being so overly oversize have created the right mood radical was looking for. I completed the look with white socks and brogues low decidedly not binding. But, as we know, we are the details that make the difference. That’s why I chose the bracelets Morellato Drops collection of new colorful and discreet that blend well with everything else. Light pink and sky blue, only touch of color of the entire outfit. Even the makeup should be simple in a radical chic look, you agree with me? For this I chose clear and sunny colors that make it perfect for a working day like the one I faced.

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