How to Clean Timberland Boots Washing Machine

You can wash in the washing machine timberland? You get ruined? How? See it in this simple guide.

Stylish shoes are always and are used every day. And, as for all the shoes, the more they use it the more you get dirty. How to wash them? To thoroughly clean the Timberland , because they smell or because they are stained, there are special kits for leather shoes or suede, but in many, for convenience and speed, they wonder if they can wash Timberland in the washing machine, without losing too much time. Ok the speed, but why risk ruining the shoes so beautiful and expensive with the washing machine?

Timberland wash in the washing machine? it would be better not!

In fact, as all leather and suede shoes, Timberland also are quite delicate in washes, despite the robust and solid look. So iamhigher advises you NOT wash them in the washing machine , but to prefer other methods.

If you really want to try to wash the Timberland with the washing machine, the only way to not to damage them is to wrap them in a cloth and wash with the program for delicate, before eliminating any dirt with a brush, and taking care after washing in washing machine that the shoes are well dried.

The Best Cleaning is to Dry

But, best of the washing machine, the better cleaning technique for these great boots is dry. Timberland shoes are dry clean only, with some simple products. Meanwhile, as all the shoes, not to be washed every day, but just brushed often, removing any stains with special detergents sold in shoe stores and waterproof spray.

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The same Timberland sells cleaning kit (and this makes you realize that the brand itself does not recommend to wash them in the washing machine!) But if they are identical to other brands. Soft brushes, special cleansers or water and soda to the upper, something sharp to remove mud or another from the sole. To eliminate any smells simply let the air for a while ‘, or change the insole.

But Why not use the washing machine?

If the washing machine is fine for several leaders and, in some cases, even for the shoes (always with care and attention, otherwise you risk ruining them-yes, even the gym), it should be remembered that it is a washing method “aggressive”. Shoes, including boots Timberland, are made of many parts, and the washing water can end up in the inner parts leaving the wet shoe, as well as ruin the skin. For this reason it is always preferable to a gentle wash, but even better, as we have seen, a dry cleaner, even for the Timberland.