How to Clean a Synthetic Leather Jacket

Synthetic leather is a fabric that imitates authentic leather; Is usually quite similar and has a more affordable price. But even though it is a more economical fabric, it does not have to care less about it, on the contrary, since this type of leather is of inferior quality, we must take more precautions to make it last longer. If you have a synthetic leather jacket, we’ll show you how to clean it so that it looks like new.

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If you want to wash your synthetic leather jacket in the washing machine, you should use a cycle of delicate clothes with cold water, and a laundry detergent for colored clothing.

Leave the garment rinsing for 15 to 20 minutes at most and before spinning, remove the jacket from the machine.Then drain excess water gently with your hands.


If you prefer to wash your synthetic leather jacket by hand, what you should do is prepare a mixture of warm water with mild detergent and stir until bubbles form.

If the stained area is very wide, try to do it in parts, so the dirt will come out better.Wet a soft, clean cloth in this mixture, drain and go through the areas of the piece to be treated, then dry the jacket thoroughly with another dry cloth.


If they are difficult stains like paint or dye, use a cotton swab with a little alcohol and rub the area gently until the spots disappear. After passing alcohol, use a clean cloth with cold water to remove any soap or alcohol.Be very careful when letting the alcohol stand too long because it may discolor your synthetic leather jacket.


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  • Just in case, and to prevent stains on your synthetic leather jacket, take with you wet wipes and if you have any mishap, use them.
  • Do not allow stains to remain too long after they are made, because then washing will have to be more aggressive.