How To Choose The Speaker System To Your PC

In this note we will discuss everything that we must take into account, to choosing the best speakers for your computer equipment…

Having a good set of speakers for our team, allows us to access a better audio experience.

Listen to music, enjoy a movie on DVD or play our game preferred with surround sound, are some of the advantages that can be seen using good quality speakers.

Then we will discuss all the aspects that we must bear in mind, when choosing speakers play, which best suits our needs.

What we should keep in mind to choose speakers

Many times when you purchase a computer, we will have a set of speakers that come along with the Cabinet, keyboard and mouse kit. While these speakers, stereo, can serve to muddle through or to cover a basic use, it is always recommended to aim at a slightly more sophisticated system.

Some of the aspects which we must bear in mind, have to do with the characteristics of output of our sound cards, the dimensions of the room where we will place the speakers, the space that we are going to deal with and the sound quality to which we intend to reach, always pondering the economic cost of this means.

In terms of our sound card, we must check if it has analog output, option that provide the majority of cards range medium and low.

In this case we will need to make sure if the output is stereo, 4.1, 5.1 or 7.1.The number before the point represents the amount of speakers, the.1 refers to the subwoofer (bass). In more advanced audio cards, we can find digital output to enjoy a better quality of sound.

It is important to clarify that if our card is 5.1, you can use stereo speakers without problem. If we have a stereo card, we use superior sound systems, but only using two audio channels, without being able to exploit all the features that provide the sets of speakers with more channels.

It is important to clarify that the analog and digital inputs are different among themselves. Some boards and speaker systems, allow both types of connection, but others can only support one of these modalities. It is important to consider this when choosing.

Additional features that can be found in sound systems, is the possibility of remote control.

Advanced models can access wireless connections, to prevent the wiring, especially in the case of speakers located farther away from the computer.

The power, i.e. the amount of watts (w), which can reach the speakers, determine the volume that can be played. Here we can find the PMPO power, that is which can be achieved in a short span of time (milliseconds) speakers.

Usually in this item we will see high values, but which can not be held in time. The real power is given by the parameter that is called power RMS, and measures the maximum power that can reproduce the speakers on an ongoing basis.

Choosing speakers that fit our needs

If you are in an office or a place you can not raise the volume too loud, electronicsencyclopedia will recommend the stereo speakers for your PC.

If we are in our home, in a not too ample space and what we want is to listen to music, you can choose a 2.1 speaker system.

This option brings two speakers stereo and includes a subwoofer (preferably must choose from wood). This system can connect the stereo output of the sound card.

If we have some space in our home, we can bow by a 5.1 option (two front speakers, one Center, two rear and a subwoofer), to enjoy DVDs and games.A not-too-expensive alternative can be an analog system with plastic and wooden subwoofer satellites.

If we want something a little more sophisticated can climb to a 5.1 system digital (always checking our sound card supports it), add the option of remote control.

7.1 systems (two front speakers, one Center, two sides, two rear and a subwoofer) can take advantage of to the maximum on Blu-Ray movies and games of last generation.

A new option appears with systems 8.1, which added a rear speaker.However this option has no application to the home audience, which will have good performance with 5.1 and 7.1 systems.

If you are using a laptop, we may elect a set of speakers designed for notebooks.

In addition to contemplate the technical characteristics, as a final recommendation, it is very important to hear how they sound speakers before buying them.

Therefore it is good to find a place that can make us a demonstration, in order to have a first approximation of how tones, instruments and voices are heard.

In this test we can notice if distortion occurs. We can also verify if the volume that can be achieved and quality are in accordance with our ambitions.