How to Choose the Right Backpack for School

The summer holidays are now winding down, and in a few weeks’ reopen the schools throughout Italy. A parent who wanted to protect the health of your son must not underestimate the importance of the carrier. Choose the right backpack is vital to ensure a child the chance to attend school without back pain and without adverse effects on future growth.

We must therefore consider look too many times overlooked: the backpack is carried every day. School books are very heavy and therefore a growing baby may suffer in the long run. According to the experts in fact carry excessive weight for many years may favor the appearance of kyphosis. But how to choose the right backpack? We try to understand it with our guide.

Choosing the right backpack: take care with back, neck and shoulders

Starting from the top, the first danger relates to the shoulders. To prevent excessive weight can cause aches; my backpack must have the padded shoulder harness. Most also are wide and the better, so as to distribute the weight across the shoulder and not on a single spot, according to The padded shoulder harness prevents even rubbing on the neck which can leave unpleasant marks. Always your neck, but especially the spine, is jeopardized by the excessive weight of the backpacks. To relieve the weight of the backpacks with reinforced backrest exist today and/or padded. Also many backpacks have a kind of belt. Tie waist this belt allows the pouch to move as little as possible and so, staying fit, may impact less on the back.

Other attentions

To allow your child to attend school in security, you can implement some attentions more because, you know, the precautions are never too many. If your child must cross the road or goes to school by bike, it is good to apply the reflective strips on the sides of the backpack to make it more visible to cars. Even the shape is important because a backpack with a regular shape allows the weight to be distributed in a more homogeneous.

As for the weight, experts say the weight of the carrier considered “safe”, with all books within it, must not exceed 15% of the body weight of the child. A backpack vacuum weighs more than 400 grams not optimal for primary schools, no more than a pound, when is padded and reinforced, for middle and high schools.

Altroconsumo experts advise against backpacks with wheels. It is not always possible to drag them, for examples when you climb the stairs are loaded equally on the shoulders, and being equipped with wheels and all equipment, already by empty weigh about 2 kg. For this reason can weigh too much for a child. Also avoid backpacks Extensible: when opened at maximum capacity and filled to capacity, tend to unbalance too backward.