How to Choose the Ideal Dress

In the same way that you have a wide variety of models of different types of neckline dresses, there are also women with different body type, by what logic is that not all women have the same type of neckline, i.e. for every body type is a type of cleavage in particular well then now I want to show you how to choose the type of perfect cleavage, so you can look gorgeous and highlight your natural beauty with a dress with cleavage to suit you.

How to Choose the Ideal Dress

So you can look chic and feminine, it is very important that you choose a model dressed in a kind of very flattering neckline to function to the type of body you have, already the type of neckline depends on much that you look beautiful. So you don’t have major problems to choose the type of cleavage ideal for you, then I leave you with some special tips so you can choose the dress with the perfect cleavage.

Dress with scoop neck

With round neckline dresses have a more discreet and warm style as well so you can wear with a subtle, delicate and innocent appearance don’t hesitate to opt for a dress with Scoop Neck. With a round neckline is left to appreciate a little chest without leaving the birth of the bust. Women who have low and small breasts are that most favor a dress with round neckline.

Dress with square neckline

This neckline style has a touch more serious and appealing. For women who have narrow shoulders, this type of cleavage is ideal, since to be broad, it allows to get a visual appearance of more volume on the sides. This type of neckline if you have to supplement with jewelry and jewelry, especially the long exceeding the neckline. A dress with square neckline is perfect for women with breasts of high birth.

Dress with strapless neckline

This type of cleavage is characterized by being straight in front and in back, strapless, is one of the options that most women use. This type of cleavage is recommended for women who have little looking for, since it is straight and does not have straps, what does make the bust look with more volume. If you are looking for is to highlight the neck and shoulders, bringing attention to these areas, the strapless neckline is also perfect. It is important to take into account his height be given below the bust and according to height, birth since if you opt for a this type of cleavage neckline very stop ara you feel not very graceful in this area.

Dress with v-shaped neckline

The V-shaped neckline is a bit more daring and full of sensuality. Use this type of neckline dress for different occasions, labor or for the day-to-day meetings. Are very used by the majority of women because it allows use with any bra. Women with breasts of good size and well formed are those that do not have to hesitate to opt for a dress with V-shaped neckline, since it will allow them to look with much sensuality. To complement a V-shaped neckline is to avoid striking or round necklaces.


  • Dresses with Halter neckline are perfect for women with little bust, since it allows to lay bare the arms, shoulders and back, giving a bit of volume to the breasts.
  • Heart that are perfect to almost all women, clear that whenever lace perfectly with the height of the bust is finally dresses with cleavage.