How to Choose the Backpack

How quickly spends the summer when we have children. When Juliet was born I thought it was science fiction think in the garden. Saw it so far that I can’t believe that in two weeks start salita two (my level of excitement is as began College). Over 10 hours ago – literally – I was aunt and I have so many mixed emotions that it is inevitable to remember the chiquita who was she when she was born and everything that grew in this time. I’m an old but how quickly grow!

According to the age and the College, the list of tools that we have to buy varies, but there are two indispensable that recur independently of all: the backpack and having to carry around labelling. Why they built this special of #VueltaAlCole.

What to keep in mind to choose the backpack?

Many times we are guided by the design – flowers, animals and superheroes – but it is not only important that the backpack is divine (which sometimes a big problem it is because start year in love with Minnie and end it astonished info with the Minions) but that there are several things to keep in mind when buying the Backpack:

Size: the backpack should be chosen based on the size of our son. Bigger harder it will be to take it. The ideal is a bag that does not exceed your waist, where you can enter everything you need but that over not much space.

Weight: must be tough but lightweight. We already put quite a few things in to also choose one that weighs two kilos. It is said that the loaded backpack should not exceed 10% of the weight of our son.

Belts: the ideal is that they are wide, adjustable and cushioned.

Closures: must be lightweight. The idea is that children can open and close the backpack without resorting to an adult.

Support: whether it is padded and semi rigid much better!

Compartments: more please, best ira distributed weight.

Wheels: are ideal for the larger ones. They are not recommended for the Garden since Guys tend not to carry so much weight, they are difficult to hang on the coat rack, if they have that climbing stairs is more difficult and peers may face with the casters. Now, if your child goes to primary and must carry weight are a ten.

S.O.S labels

What theme the labels! In the colony asked the first day that we bring everything with name and yet did it today, which is the last day, (a disaster). However, researching for this article I realized that label everything is easier than thought. These are the two options that I liked:

To one click: Etiquecosas is a website that allows you to create custom tags online and then send you them to your House (all with one click, no excuses).

Canchera and economic: Brother has electric labeler ideal manuals for the back to school. It is a quite economic investment since then we have to label everything (spices kitchen, toy boxes, folders).

How to prepare for the return to school? how chose the backpack of your children? already have all labelling? Us the coming week we will inform teachers of Juli.