How to Choose Sleeping Bags

Materials To Breathe

I think it is important to select materials harmless to baby, such as organic cotton, for example, especially if it’s summer, baby sleeping in body and her skin is in direct contact with the sleeping bag. Tissue fair trade is always a plus too, obviously.

Even if you opt for a manufacturer BIO, never forget to wash once the sleeping bag before use. The manufacturer may have strict rules on hygiene and composition of their products, the fact remains that they can have a solid guarantee on the conditions of transport and storage in store. It is better to be cautious on this point.

Big Winners

Come on, I’m happy. I give you praise the sleeping bags that really served or still serve at SLEEPINGBAGSEXPO. My favorite, by far! 🙂

The gig of Lilliputians: I did-do-re! This is the first gig of spitz, it is now a bit small and I miss her already. Not only is it really all pretty, but it also ties these shoulders that I find so convenient and there is an opening in the crotch that allows to use it in the car seat. It was on my list of birth and it is really one of the most practical items that I received. It will have served well.

The sleeping bag of organic cotton Popolini: it is the one currently used baby and I love him a lot. It has a V-neck, what we like good and the interior is really soft. Baby is comfortable and mom is reassured to know that he sleeps in organic cotton. The model is simple but good quality.

The sleeping bags to ErgoPouch: it’s the sedan of sleeping bags, though here we use it only occasionally because I keep a certain reserve on round necklines that look to shake a little too ready the plump cheeks of my love. But I have to be objective and say that in the world of sleeping bags, I have not found better in terms of quality of finishes. Model 2 in 1 is really nice: the sleeping bag becomes “pajamas” because you can detach the bottom to separate the legs. So for transport, it is ideal and little more for larger: there soles doubled when baby begins to toddle. Several of my friends use a ErgoPouch daily and swear by it. And I understand them. There are plenty of models with lots of different TOG, you will therefore find something for sure. There are even swaddling bags for tiny babies who like to feel safe as in mom’s belly.

So there you are aware of the opportunities available to you and you can now make your selection easier. Anyway, I hope. And I wish all night sweet to your little angels. 🙂