How to Choose Sleeping Bags Backpacking

The main issue in choosing a sleeping bag is whether filling it is synthetic or down. Down is better if it is a ratio of weight to warmth. It is also more compact. At the same time they only synthetic fillings as PolarGuard 3D, Lite Loft, Hollofil or Quallofil will retain warmth even when wet. Down it becomes something heavy, wet and cold for drying which is necessary for all eternity.


Guidelines for Buying a Sleeping Bag

If you are looking for the perfect sleeping bag that will meet all your needs, forget! There is no such animal. However, there are bags that will make you feel comfortable and happy throughout the majority of your dream adventures – for example trisezonnite sleeping bags mummy type of comfort temperature range from -5°C to -15°C. A good sleeping trisezonen bag should keep you in the chilly nights in spring and autumn and you do not heat too much during the warm nights of summer.

If you tend to camping more during the winter, then look for a sleeping bag that has more performance from -20°C. The winter hiking required to sleep in temperatures reaching -25°C and even -40°C.

Studied on Pimasleepingbags shows, sleeping bags mummy type are more effective in retaining body heat. However, some people find them limiting. Note also that if you buy heard that you want to combine it zips them must be compatible with each other and to be able to connect left and right. The other options regarding the format are semi-rectangular and rectangular (type blanket).

Most bags are made of nylon, polyester or various combinations of nylon inside and out. Sleeping bags inside with cotton, drawings of Pokemon or other cartoon characters, as you might guess, are not recommended for serious hiking and use in severe conditions.

All sleeping bags should have above-Dolly same properties. Therefore, when you buy, look for the following:

  • Taffeta lining or other material nepamuchen will be more comfortable, you will heat faster and allows better breathing matter.
  • Two-sided zipper offers the opportunity for more ventilation and more options for use. If you buy two sacks and want to connect them together, make sure that one is left and the other right-zip.
  • Hood insulation helps keep heat and insulate the head, neck and shoulders from the cold.
  • The outer fabric is resistant to wind and water.
  • Semi-rectangular shape for those who turn during sleep and type mummy for those who sleep in the same position most of the time.
  • The dark lining absorbs better the heat of the sun, if you need to dry his sack.
  • And another thing that will be of great convenience – if pouch bag with fleece lining, this can act as a cushion if you flip it upside down and fill it with some of your extra clothes.

Finally, how large should the bedroom you heard? Most experienced hikers recommend that you grab bag of 10-20 cm larger in size than what you actually need. You will have a place to put things like camera, water and the like that do not want to freeze at night. Also sacks with a wider cut offer the ability to store and clothes her without limit in space, and it will receive more heat.