How to Choose Night Light for Children

There is an advantage for parents to use a pilot to watch the baby sleep. The baby or child when he grows up needs to see shapes to fall asleep, to recognize its environment to be appeased.

Is child for a night really necessary?

The pilot, we buy for the child, but it is the parents that she reassures. Through the night, baby sleep can be monitored without waking, then the child grows and gets used to the light that reassures. If we listened to the newborn, we would not put on hold, it does not need it, on the contrary, he is not afraid of the dark. If the child after a certain age, needs to have a light sleep, it is because he has anxieties created by ourselves, parents or others.

How to choose a night?

We have the choice between single night lights, night lights musical or those who make designs on the ceiling. Some night lights are triggered to the child’s crying. After a certain time, they go out to the black in the room. The simple pilot giving constant light, but low can have several colors that children love, or the portrait of his hero. The pilot is chosen according to age and the child’s needs. At eight, the child does not need music or pictures on the ceiling.

Where to buy a pilot and which to choose?

Pabobo night lights are very efficient-The wall pilot suits and dark ambient thanks to its LED system, energy consumption is controlled. The pilot is sold at € 9.90 at Darty-Nomadic pilot accumulates energy on taking the day to restore the night. Clipped on a carrier, the child takes the hand and can even read. At night it can get up to go to the bathroom without turning. The disadvantage of this pilot is that the child is sleeping with a strong light, especially if the darkness is important. It is sold € à19,90 on Our site-Bee Happy sends bright stars on the ceiling, it is sold at 18 € on Our site.-The Lumiloves night lights are shaped like Barbapapa characters, a penguin, a cat, a panda or elephant, it sold € 28.50 (prices recorded in August 2011) on Our site.