How to Choose Bicycle Helmets

Make sure the helmet is certified

The look definitely to precede any other is represented by the product safety: a helmet for bicycle must first be approved safety standards in force. The European Union has taken steps to regulate bicycle helmets with a special law, BS EN 1078: 2006 “helmets for cyclists and for users of wheelchair boards (skateboards) and roller skates”, so the first thing to look for in a helmet is the word which shows the approval EN 1078.

An approved helmet meets the demands of safety represented by an optimum field of vision for the user, the use of materials with high shock absorption and an efficient coupling system which allows a quick release in case of emergency.

In the case of accidents or falls that have implicated shocks to the helmet, though not so serious as to fessurarlo visibly, there is a good rule to replace it anyway as a precaution. It is said that, in fact, the lack of external injuries automatically ensures the integrity of the internal structure, which can be weakened by the impact and do not ensure effective protection to the head in case of subsequent impacts.

How to choose

Assuming that bike helmets including having to choose are all approved EN 1078, next is the identification of the most suitable size.

A bike helmet should have a snug fit to the wearer’s skull, because only in this way you can have the best possible protection against impacts. Most companies that produce markets its helmets according to dimensions in cm (circumference), or whether the product is intended for a user man, woman or child.

There are also models of helmets from one size, that you can effectively adapt to the head of any person by means of spacer blocks (the material used is generally the polystyrene foam) that can be fixed inside the helmet to eliminate white space and achieve a snug fit.

A bicycle helmet is fitting, and thus suited to the shape of your head, when even the head shaking violently in all directions this protective shell does not move nor forward nor backward, or tilts to one side. If the helmet moves are observed, that template is not good and you should try another one. If possible you should choose a bike helmet that protects at least partly also your head, especially when the purchase is intended for a child.

Another aspect not secondary is determined by the characteristics of the strap, which must come off quickly to avoid, because not approved, older models still with buckles or hooks. The clip release is indispensable both to allow you to quickly remove the helmet after a fall, both as a matter of practicality of use every time you put it on and off.

Of course, if the helmet meets the safety requirements, the choice of one or the other model is also playing on an aesthetic level: free, therefore, to choose the color and design you prefer. A good bicycle helmet should possess an efficient ventilation system, allowing if possible to adjust the air supply increasing or decreasing it according to your needs.

The best brands of bicycle helmets

A bicycle helmet is a real life insurance, so his choice cannot be assigned to the case, nor should you try saving at all costs, xenical with the result that buy products of poor quality. The following are the most important manufacturers of bicycle helmets, which offer better quality, durability and reliability.

  • The Selev Srl is a company based in Toronto, in Milan, a leading manufacturer of bicycle helmets, handlebars, sunglasses and other accessories related to the world of two wheels. The Selev Helmets is the official supplier of many teams and athletes of international cycling, and manufactures bicycle helmets of excellent quality, durable and lightweight.
  • The MET Helmets Spais one of the major companies involved in the production of higher-end bicycle helmets. Founded in 1987, this company based in Talamona (Sondrio) produces helmets designed to meet the needs of professionals and not: mountain bike, racing helmets, for the city and helmets for children and teens.
  • The Ride is a company based in Scotts Valley, and worldwide is a leading manufacturer of high performance accessories for sport and leisure. The products of the Round are especially appreciated by athletes, both professional and amateur level, for their light weight, durability and design. The bicycle helmets produced by revolution are strong and light, aerodynamic shape to ensure pedaling efficiency.
  • The German company Cratons GmbH was founded in 1985 near Stuttgart in southern Germany. Since the beginning of its history Cratons was responsible for the production of bicycle helmets, reaching in short levels of excellence through the creation in 1991 of a revolutionary adaptation called “Head Ring System” that allows each helmet to fit the heads of any size and shape.

Where to buy

Thanks to the spread of e-commerce, it has become increasingly easy to buy helmets for bicycle. There are many sites that allow you to buy online very quickly, providing for different payment methods (credit card, Paypal, cash on delivery or by bank transfer) and deliver the goods purchased comfortably at home.

  • Gambacicliis an Italian company specialising in sales via web of products and accessories for cycling. Their website, where they make purchases online, has been operational since 1999 and allows you to find products at discounted prices with fast delivery and qualified service sales services. All products purchased from Gambacicli are supplied with an official guarantee of at least two years, and on the website you can buy Bike Helmets from top brands (turn, Urge, Met, Selev, Johnny Jet…) for both professionals and amateurs. At Gambacicli are also available several models of children’s bicycle safety helmets.
  • The Rose Bikes is an international company founded in 1907 in Bocholt, Germany, and offers the market a wide range of bicycles and cycling accessories. On the site you can buy bicycle helmets of excellent quality, the same kind used by professional athletes nationally and internationally.
  • Thenever say Bike is a portal dedicated to shop online, “extension” in the internet shop of the same name based in the province of Modena. This site is a true reference point for Italian bicycle enthusiasts, thanks to the excellent quality of the products and the preparation of the staff allows you to buy the bicycle helmets to suit different needs.
  • Considering the historical link with the world of cycling, should not be surprised if on the site of the popular dailyLa Gazzetta dello Sport you can buy accessories for bikes. Interesting are the special offers for the purchase of bicycle helmets for adults and children.