How to Choose a Wall Clock

May seem that the clocks have long gone out of courage. I fact, today they regain popularity and is actively used in decor. Wall clocks may be one of the key elements in the selected style, sharing the space and make the colors richer.

Wall Clocks for Kitchen

Today, the clock has a larger decorative than utility function.Because the choice hours for internal instantly determine which room they are installed.

For Kitchen

For the kitchen, you can choose the hours associated with food theme. Ideal would look like the model in the form of pots, plates, cups and various fruits. They are also more vintage inspired clocks for the kitchen, for example those where the steering wheel is set against the background of a fan of spoons, forks and knives. Addition have kitchen clock combined with other elements of interior design – furniture, curtains, light fittings, etc. Since kitchen is usually high humidity and constant temperature changes, it will be better to choose a model made ​​of plastic, glass or metal. for a child’s room is better to select one bright, cheerful clock in the form of animal. Not bad here will look and traditional cuckoo clock. To choose a watch for a child, do not forget that children are generally characterized by high mobility and activity, so it is best to buy a fixed model made of natural materials.

For Bedroom and Living Room

The bedroom is better to hang a clock with low sound progress arrows. Of course they also have to match the design of room. Till example, if a bedroom interior designed in the classical style will be appropriate wooden model cut decor. For a romantic style – elegant model pastel colors .For modern high-tech style is best to choose electronic clock. By the way, they work quietly and certainly not hinder sleep. Because it is better to look hung opposite the bed, so he woke up immediately, you can see it’s time to jump out of bed and dressed quickly, or you can enjoy a little more and take a nap. the interior of the living room are possible various experiments with style. Till example, the increasing popularity acquires large clock in a classic or vintage style. For living room hi-tech style fits the model with a large dial and original details .You can decorate one wall of the room several models of watches made ​​in the same style. Despite the fact that today many are used to tell time, looking at the computer screen or mobile phone, watches are still relevant and can serve as a worthy decorate the interior.


Well-chosen wall clock can decorate all rum.Dock should be their choice taking into account several important points to buy is not brought disappointment and inconvenience.


1. First you must determine the mechanism timmar. Och quartz and mechanical watches have their pluses and minus.Till example, quartz watches do not move, they are more accurate and easy to use, in addition, they are usually cheaper than mechanical, and the choice of models anymore .Wall mechanical watches better suited for a chic environment, they will keep you much longer and do not need to change batteries.

2. we must remember that the life of the batteries in quartz watches because of their lower power consumption.Consequently specified parameter, the less you have to change batteries. Normally the battery should be replaced once a year. Consumption power depends on their clock speed. Discreet (with visible “steps” the movements shooter) requires less energy than even. Weight arrows also affect energy consumption, they are heavier than the more energy required hours, so these details hrs often made of lightweight plastic or aluminum.

3. Dial wall clock can be made of ceramic, metal, wood, paper, film, or cardboard. Cardboard and paper can not tolerate moisture and temperature changes, so these watches are not worth buying for rooms with high humidity or outside. The film is not afraid to meet the moisture, but his need to hide from direct sunlight, otherwise it may just burn. The most resistant materials considered to be ceramic, metal and wood, but unfortunately, they are much heavier than the other options, so they have to hang on strong engagement that is not always possible.

4. In the production of the internal clock is commonly used acrylic, instrumentation or mineral glass. Considered be the most acrylics, it is extremely difficult to break, but it did not shine as much as minerals, except it quickly becomes scratched. Instrumentation is also stronger than mineral glass, but if desired, may be most sensitive broke. The mineral glass not attract dust and is resistant to scratches.

5. Always pay attention to the fact how easily “read”call. Look image, colorful design and a watch is often “blind” call up. This phrase designated hours for which it is impossible to quickly determine time. Units with “blind” dial, looks good in the interior, to attract attention, but it does not fulfill its basic function. Obvious, if you have them as a part of the interior, there is nothing wrong with it. But if you need a watch that can be easily and quickly see the time prefer simple, not too bright or frilly patterns.

6. Quartz discrete traits arrow always sounds rather high, many people think that the sound is very annoying. If you are sick just loud ticking of the clock, choose a model with a well-functioning second hand, or even without it. But should remember that mechanical clock ticking ever, but their course is smoother and quieter ticking.