How to Choose a Suit Belt

Style plays an important role in society, must take into account what kind of clothes to wear, depending on situatsiyata. Osobeno attention is paid to men suit and belt nego. Tezi items of clothing or can attract the attention of connoisseurs of fashion or even cause discontent among them.

Clothes in your wardrobe, you must meet two basic parameters: quality and saotvetstvie. Vseki detail must be matched exactly, starting with the basics and finishing aksesoari. Vsyaka garment adds drugata. Za to meet the need of everything from suits Fully kolan. Osven, when men and women are the stronger sex razlichni. The will be given the choice of belt practical strana. Za pretty girls, on the contrary, this accessory will play a role of attraction.

How To Choose A Seat?

Without this component does not do any garderob.Kolanat has long been an important attribute of any kostyum.Za to select suitable and high quality belt, it is necessary to spend a lot of time.But p

Rakticheskata hand, it is necessary to be based on the selection of materials and finishes of kolana. V same time it is necessary to comply with this criterion, style.

What You Need to Know to Buy Quality Belt?

Stores have a huge number of belts differ in many ways finishing, production methods and material, according to directoryaah. Klasifikatsiyata is based on several criteria. Men belts can be made ​​by: leather; leatherette; textiles. It is believed that the belt made of leather, is an example of quality and nadezhdnost. Tay it’s hard to argue, but the cost for this will be vazmozhno. Vapreki genuine leather strap will last a long time paid off its value. There is another type classification zoni. Tya is based on a form of zakopchalka. Toy can be in the form of electricity or the so-called “track” .With the light of these two criteria, we must remember that expensive and high-quality leather belt buckle is usually defined.

How to Choose The Style of Belt?

There are two types of belts in the form: classic and neformalni. Parviyat option is ideal for rigorous business suit with pantalon. Neformalnata form of belts will go perfectly with jeans and emphasize the individuality of its owner. The Classic version should be the standard width of the belt. material-skin and black colors or kafyavo. Shto concerns the buckles, then it is desirable to have a rectangular type, gold or silver color. In the classical style must follow a few rules: it is desirable that the color matching color watches belt and belt buckle on the scale must coincide with the dial. • Complete lack of engraving and kamak. Tezi options are valid only in the informal style. When selecting a belt, it is desirable to choose the color of the shadow of shoes si. Tezi two elements clothing should match the scale and texture. The price of the belt shall not exceed the cost of the rest of drehite. Harmony-first.

Technical Parameters of The Male

addition to the material and style, it is important to take into account the width and length of kolana. Kolani in children may be narrow, but adults are required to match 5 santimetra. Balans length of the entire coverage area should not exceed 20 santimetra. Vazhen factor for your personal comfort-2-3 additional holes kolana. Zhelatelno to be done immediately after purchase.