How To Choose A Perfect Cap Fop Your Head

The cap is a joker accessory.In addition to protecting the sun, the piece is a complement to make a funky look more basic – away from disguising the hairstyle on the days when we wake up disheveled.Although prejudiced by being stigmatized as a “teenage accessory,” caps are extremely versatile and can be worn with virtually every style of clothing.But choosing the “perfect” type requires care and attention.It’s not just the bent or bent model, and the back, closed or snapback, that make the difference.Size is a crucial point.

One kind of cap for each head

Before choosing a cap you need to pay attention to the shape of your face.If it is too thin, prefer the curved flap.If it is more rounded, the flap should be more straight.The rounder and fairer models mark the contours well, so they are not recommended for those with a very large head.

Models, styles and colors

The most popular model among young people today is the straight leg.Well casual, they combine perfectly with a more skater footprint, rapper, street style, and lighter parts like regattas and shorts.Curved flap is the favorite model of rockers – artists such as Anthony Kiedis and Ashton Kutcher, for example – and also refers to those used by baseball players.

The type of aperture also defines the different models.The snapback has adjustment at the back, which allows it to fit into any head shape.The back screen models known as the trucker are great for circulating the air and do not heat your head so much on warmer days.

The colors of the caps also make all the difference in the final set.Red looks good with a white T-shirt.Gray and black, the shirt must be gray or white.You can also wear a light blue and white cap with a light blue plaid shirt and overlay (white V-neck shirt).One trick for the underdogs is to prefer caps in colors that are close to their skin tone or lighter.

Caps and the Scalp

Contrary to popular belief, the cap does not fall or rot the hair, but it can increase the oiliness and appearance of dandruff.It is therefore essential to let the scalp breathe.The tip is every hour leave your head free for five minutes and always keep your hair clean and dry when you use the accessory.