How to Choose a LED Flashlight


Choose a flashlight seems simple enough but after a quick look in directory of our site you’ll find that the “world of the torches” is much broader, varied and interesting than what was expected.

Prior to purchase, there are certain characteristics that should be taken into account, some small differences make a “torch” “your flashlight”.

If you are not fans and therefore you have no experience about the torches we hope this little guide can help you.

You want a small flashlight?

You want a flashlight that uses only AA batteries?

You want a torch between 30 and 50 euros?

Once you have decided on the “General” what you want to buy you’ll be undecided between various models. At this point take pen and paper and compare the models taking into account:

  • Weight and dimensions
  • Lumens products
  • Light mode
  • Price


Well, at this point you are close to the goal, the main features you have choices now design and other small specialties will do the rest.
The classic question we request?
Question: why these two torches have the same lumens but very different prices?
Answer: Because in addition to lumens you need to consider other factors. The most expensive normally has a flashlight aircraft aluminum Type III is lighter and more resistant to scratches and falls. The led driver is probably driven by a very efficient with possibility of several variables of light or even programmable. Certifications: many torches have IPX certifications that allow you to set the torch for 30 minutes up to 2 meters deep.

Consider the included accessories such as the sheath, or rings, clips, batteries, charger etc.
Reflector and glass: a great reflector with a very good tempered and treated AR coating makes the difference in price and performance.



Very important is the choice of the flashlight according to battery/batteries. If you use a torch on an occasional basis, or keep in the car or at home “only” in case of emergency then rely on a torch with disposable batteries. These batteries have a download very slow (when not in use) and are reliable over time with an emphasis on removing/the battery in case of prolonged stop (over 10/15 days). Important note: Please read though the instruction booklet of your pattern.
Instead, use rechargeable batteries if you use the torch for work so assiduously. Rechargeable batteries are a good savings although they cost more initially, you can reuse them hundreds of times for reloading with charger or from your flashlight. Just be careful not to buy cheap 18650 batteries with mAh exaggerated, 4500 mAh batteries. Why? Simple, these batteries are false and dangerous. The batteries to date have reached its capacity of 3400 mAh, above this size are bogus (August 2014 data) with data together for the purpose of sale. A good battery 18650 weighs at least 45g each.


Of course you can contact us at the address below for tips, problems, and clarifications without commitment.

Remember that when you buy from our site you will “help” before and especially after the purchase as well as the guarantee of 2 years on products (1 year for companies with p.iva) that are always in stock in our warehouse without expectations and customs — no “surprises”.

Remember above all that your “flashlight” should not be the “most expensive” or “more powerful” but one that will satisfy all your needs for use.