How to Choose a LED Bulb?

This article is for people who have difficulty in selecting the appropriate LED bulb.

How to Choose a LED Bulb

How do I compare the power of old and new LED bulb?
– New LED bulbs are about 10 times more efficient than the old bulbs – LED bulb That is a real consumption of 3 watts can replace the old model with an output of 25 to 40 watts. LED bulb with a power of 5 watts bulbs replaced with a power of 40-60 watts and so on.

How powerful LED bulb we need?
– The calculation of LED lighting is not easy and depends on many factors, but you can quickly consider it, you can use the following formula – watt per square
So if you have a living generic lipitor best price room 4 of 4 meters total area 16 m2 you need LED bulb with total real power about 16 watts, says

What color LED lighting to choose?
For home lighting usually choose LED bulb with warm white light – the boxes that are usually described in Kelvins – 2700K .
For office lighting most commonly used LED bulb with cold white light indicated in the range of 5000 to 6500 Kelvin.

Do I need something extra?
To change your old bulbs do not need extra plugins simply remove the old and new place, with only observe replace them with the same type of socket.