How to Care for Your Beads

I was at a dinner with friends and on my placeholder my glam-friend Giorgia wrote string of pearls, si see he knows me well: difficult not you wear at least one!

Given my passion, I’m often asked How to protect pearls and save them as new. Assuming that the beads are much more beautiful as much as quality, there are a number of rules on how to protect them and keep them beautiful.

Rule # 1 How to protect pearls wearing them

Yes, it’s pearl necklaces or earrings with pearls, bracelets and rings, you first need to know that these jewels are worn and not left closed in their box. The pearls are lives and the warmth of our skin the feeds.

In addition, they are the jewel to wear more quietly: just a shoplifter reckless would think of strapparvele from the neck or arm risking to see them rolling on the ground without being able to assure the booty!

Rule # 2 Hair and makeup without pearls

Then get painted and profumatevi before wearing pearls. Perfumes, cosmetics and lacquers are all enemies of the pearls because they can opacizzarne or stain the surface forever.

Rule # 3 Usare custody for pearls

After using your jewelry with beads store them in their custody so not pearls possibly velvet will dry out. Being delicate, pearls must not come into contact with other jewelry that could hopelessly rigarle.

Rule # 4 The cleaning of the pearls

Clean your pearls with a soft cloth– maybe deer. Rub gently to avoid scratching.Remember: nails, tooth brushing or abrasive products risk damaging them and forever!

Rule # 5 Rthread the pearls

Make slip regularly your strands of pearls from a trusted professional. The sweat and use tend not only to smudge the yarn darkening it, but wear out increasing the risk of damage.

Now that I’ve revealed all the secrets of how to secure the beads, I am reminded that the International recommends: “before you make a scene, get a double string of pearls: will help you keep an air controlled“.

I don’t like scenes, but I wear it anyway. Better to be ready in the event, don’t you think?