How to Care for Leather Jackets

The leather jackets took over the catwalks during the 2013, and it is a fact that we will continue seeing them still next year.

Clean Leather Jackets

And it is that this very fine material is going to be developed not only in classic jackets motorcycle riders who this fall have already come to the streets and we see them combined with skinny jeans and boots, but with more spring clothes that come in pastel colors and in the form of tops, jackets, skirts and dresses.

Either have a piece of vintage leather to which you want to give new life or decide to make the investment to acquire one that will probably last you life, here I leave some tips on their care, are never more.

How to care for leather jackets

-For cleaning use a cloth or dry soft cloth to first shake the dust that may have accumulated on the outside of the garment. Since you have made this step a bit damp cloth and pass it over to remove the rest of the dust that did not start on the first pass.

-If the internetages leather has stains, remove them with a WAD of cotton soaked in alcohol. Never use acetone or nail polish remover, as it can damage the skin.

-Also recommended using cleaning products for leather. These are available in the form of foams or as a special SOAP for this bar. It is advisable to first test the product in an area of leather that is hidden and out of sight to make sure that it is safe to use it.

-If you see that it is safe to use it apply the product and make sure to read the instructions well. There are leather cleaners lipitor buy online that need to be removed with a cloth or rinsed.

-It is advisable to periodically clean with a damp cloth to avoid the accumulation of natural oils.

-It is not advisable to expose the leather and skin objects directly to the Sun or heat sources, since this tends to dry out and it may be damaged. It doesn’t mean that you can not use them on sunny days, but that it is not good to keep them in where paste it directly the Sun, as well as avoid leaving them near heating to dry if they are wet.

-When you change the season and don’t think about using your garment for a long period of time, it is advisable to put it inside a canvas cover which protects it from dust

-To clean your leather garment used, as we already mentioned, a fabric cloth, a flannel, cloth, fine chamois leather or a cloth Microfiber to not scratch it. Never pass you the vacuum cleaner or hard brushes.

Homemade recipe

While there are specialized products on the market for cleaning leather, you can also make your own formula at home by following these simple instructions. If your garment is new and not need it, better not try it because you could stain it, but if it is a garment now worn and with little life, this procedure could revive her.



-Body lotion without oil or alcohol

-Bowl with warm water

-A clean, soft cloth, preferably in cotton


-Paper napkin


-Place a few drops of SOAP in the water warm, with the cloth rub and try to remove the stains.

-Dry with paper napkin, trying to remove all traces of water.

-With the sponge applied on the leather cream to hydrate it.