How to Buy Overcoat

A few weeks ago we briefly treated paletån. A substance with cold on the entry deserves considerably more space. For more elegant topcoats have paletån a given location.

Ill-fitting topcoats are a darn nuisance. Although it obviously should be room for a Blazer and jumper for so shall the feeling not to be boxigt släpig. Well built people in particular seem to believe that a wide silhouette is more flattering than a figure-hugging. Now his coat is absolutely not tighten, but be sure to coat sits nicely around the chest, to the armholes and the armholes are not too wide and waist feels fairly selected.

Another key detail is the shoulders. This applies not least outerwear where extra fabric hanging from his shoulders. Unfortunately, the majority of today’s outerwear is very rigid and structured in the shoulders, which not only gives an unnatural impression but also becomes immobile against the garment underneath. In the test hut call carefully back and the debt party with Blazer in.

To pay for the quality always pays off. And if there’s any garment that it is worth putting a little extra money on the side of the shoes is the outerwear. Choose a model with pretty decreasing details in order not to tire of the style.

When it comes to fabric, it is important to think carefully on uses. More luxurious fabrics of cashmere and camel may seem tempting, but may not be fully optimal when it comes to water resistance. On the other hand, it is easy to be rational.