How to Buy a Mountain Bike

The mountain biking is one of the most used dirt bikes in the world. Thanks to its dynamic styling and youthful, and its all easy to handle, light, but at the same time strong, is suitable for both simple and fast city to face winding paths suitable and. This guide will explain the differences between the various models and give you practical advice on how to buy your MTB.

Buying a mountain bike as described in is not easy, in fact, the final choice will be the result of several factors that often tend to overlook. First you must understand what kind of use we will make of it, or whether you will use mainly in cities, for sport or both.

Today’s market offers infinite solutions for buying a MBT, models of all kinds and above all price ranges rather varied. You switch from mountain biking (from supermarket) to that super expensive one can reach up to 10000 euro. To see if the bike that we’re buying is the right one, you have to see if it has some features:
-the MTB must first be secure.
Especially for beginners, it is recommended that the frame is aluminum and the handlebars sufficiently wide around 56 cm, to ensure a better performance. The change must be precise and soft handlebar controls. The tyre pressure must be 2.5 atmospheres. It is always better to buy a bike with hydraulic disc brakes and non-flush and flat pedals without the cage, giving greater security to the rider.
-the tree size should be chosen based on the stature of the person (S L).
-MTB 26 inch wheels clawed mounts generally from transmission to 3 wreaths that overcomes even the toughest climbs with ease.

Let us look at some of the models of mountain bikes that you can buy according to their use. MTB from town, so for a peaceful use, its features are lightness and practicality, so we recommend a model without all the components that can weigh down such suspensions. MTB downhill “DownHill”, then a bike with a very heavy frame (because the ride downhill will almost absent) full suspension and brakes very effective and efficient, the DownHill bike also comes to 20 Kg.

MTB “clear path” which is a bike that would allow us to go on any ground, in any condition so we will choose one that has both lightness and strength with good shock absorbers and brake performance.

MTB Marathon, are the bikes used for long distance journeys, their main characteristic must be comfort, so in addition to having excellent suspension and shock absorbers must have a saddle so convenient, so that they are comfortable even after hours of cycling. Once you have found the bike that suits you best, remember that bicycles have different sizes, then take some advice from the shopkeeper the most suitable to your stature.