How to Build a Homemade Thermos

Did you want a container that could conserve water cool or hot coffee and not having one on hand? We are talking about the common thermos that you use in order to have a good hot coffee everywhere, but also useful to take advantage of fresh water in the hot summer days.

Many do not know that such an apparatus, besides being widely marketed may, in an emergency, be built with few materials and in a fast and easy way. You’ll make a thermos that, besides being adopted for liquids can also be used to bring a snack to school, letting you keep it cool for hours. Pack this thermos is simple and the kids can use without running any risk. Here ewenzhou will tell you how to build a homemade thermos with materials of recovery.

First you put everything you need on your work surface so you have everything at your fingertips, so take the two plastic bottles that must be absolutely identical and they have, in their form, indentations or protrusions: so perfectly intact.
Now begins by realizing the lid, cut the first bottle at about 7/8 cm from the bottom, using a sharp knife hacksaw to pizza.

This too will have to cut off a ledge or recess equal to that with which ends the lid.
The frame of the cover with the container will result in the termination of the thermos that you will refine with a strip of clear tape and soon the thermos will be nice and ready.
To make it more pleasant you can decorate it with designs as desired using colored markers indelible, so that at first wash decorative designs are on. The thermos is easy to implement but, if you need a reliable and durable product is better buy one nice is done.

In order to obtain a closing almost hermetic that can ensure the freshness of the content and its initial temperature (hot or cold), you will need to locate the point for cutting: the lid must be terminated with a recess or projection this because it needs to go and get stuck on the other side.
Now you need to take the other bottle that will become the real container, where you’ll stay the liquids or food. The second bottle will cut about 15/16 cm from the bottom, always taking a knife to saw.