How to Build a Dining Table

Nothing better than to invite friends and family to dinner, with a refined, sophisticated menu and a well organized, however many people have many doubts on how to fix a dinner table with elegance, for this reason we’re here today to bring some tips How to assemble the tables. First we must take care of all the details so that your desk doesn’t keep a lot of information and Miss elegance.

The table shall include all your guests, without you all to stay tight in the same then we must think in combination of the towel with the dishes to be used, is simple if the crockery is color the towels should be lisa preferably a neutral color, if the crockery is white , black can use a towel more colorful and patterned. The towels should be clean and ironed.

In the center of the table can put an arrangement and on the ends if you prefer a candle holder, then the napkins that by your must match with the towel and should put into the dish. If your preference is to place the dish inside the main dish salad, if you haven’t put the salad dish main course, and unless you go serve soup do not place the deep dish. The fork should always be to the left side of the plate. The far always on the right side about 2 fingers of the dish and cut into, as many knives placed for each plate are 3 If you need the same will come along with the next course.

Glasses with water should be fine to the Center in front of the plate, glasses with wine right from the glass of water, Cup with champagne must be left in the beaker with water, salt and pepper if possible should be one on each plate. Spoons and plates for dessert should come together with the same, soon after removing the dishes from dinner, champagne if it is served must come along with it.

These are some tips to get a thin and elegant table, so that you can receive your guests the time, hope you enjoyed it and could have clarified possible doubts, and be sure to check out other related articles in our blog, and come back always to the world of Tribes.