How to be Fashionable in 2016

Often our fashion director Paul Lapicca (aka Lapik) asked what can please a non-fashion-addict. Having said that, here are his answers and the coolest to be updated on the latest in fashion.

Beginning the rules this week with something not too trendy but supercool. Meccano: just the word to make me think the long summer afternoons, I admit I was crazy. Here’s a view for all those people who, like me, were haunted by these compositions (apart from LEGO). Medici Riccardi palace in Florence, in the exhibition NEXUS. The encounter between human and machine in the imagination, in technique and contemporary science, until March 15, 2016.

About mechanics, that of hearts is perfect! For all “St. Valentinian, and” that tomorrow will love celebrating their love: we at Cosmo we announce these earrings. Madly in love by GMG Milano.

Carpisa renewed for 2016 their relationship with Penelope Cruz: this time we also sing!#YEPPPA!!! Coming soon a new capsule collection designed by Penelope and Monica Cruz waiting to be discovered, from 25 February for the store.

About campaigns here are two innovations:

The first, the new PE 2016 by that embodies the idea of social community interpreting perfectly the mood and the brand’s philosophy. This season, the duo of photographers Hunter & Gatti was inspired by the works and the atmosphere of the famous fashion photographer Deborah Turbeville, who has transformed fashion photography into art. The leitmotif is reflected in the balance of forms and a deep sense of harmony. The images capture the essence of Kocca and offer a private moment of the feminine universe.

The second, with the new campaign of Silvian Heach, with the fine aim of Signe Vilstrup, one of the most influential Scandinavian photographers in the fashion industry, which has captured the supermodel Alejandra Alonso, 23-year-old. Emphasizing the typical woman’s charming atmosphere and spirited Silvian Heach.

Desire for personalization and we at Cosmo they shout always BE YOURSELF! Two proposals:

Make the entry in a UNIQUE jewel, to “feel” the person we love heart messages is the Mission of INKvoices, the first collection of jewelry can “talk”. Words, phrases, statements: voices only translated into sound waves, indelibly engraved on a ring, a necklace or a bracelet.

Nate as customizable bags, SelfieBAG you will find them in stores Pandorine. The original concept is preserved, thanks to the letters of the alphabet and some symbols. Each SelfieBAG can best represent the wearer, echoing his message. Collection spring/summer 2016, however, these lively colours and fun take on “speaking”.

Spirit Of Solidarity:

Beatrice B and Filippa Lagerbäck presented a limited edition of 500 t-shirts made for CBM Italy, whose proceeds will pay entirely eye operations costs necessary to restore sight to 300 mothers in Africa. A project created on the initiative of the Lions Club Camposampieroe made possible by collaboration between CBM Italy that through its ophthalmologists, turn into health and hope the proceeds of the initiative.

Spirit buy and win:

For the most romantic holiday of the year Primadonna Collection thought to all lovers and launches #voliAMOprimadonna: a perfect opportunity to give or receive an accessory, and win a dream trip! How? Just go to one of the many shops, making a minimum purchase of 39.99 euro 2016 PE collection and register on the site  for the draw for an amazing trip to the Maldives.

Spirit confectionery

I end up with something not fashionable, but sweet (chocolate is always fashionable!#cosmogoloso). Here’s a sea of sugar with the Nutella. Make room for your imagination to a thousand recipes to make with your loved one.