How to Apply Nail Art Stickers


Apply the nail art on short nails is not a complex operation than you may think. In fact, nail art on short nails is really very simple to also make for non-expert. I would like to teach you how to apply the same in three easy steps, using different techniques and tools, to make your impeccable nails short.


Make sure you have on hand:

gel or nail polish

push cuticles


tools for nail art or decorations ready

stove (which can be replaced if apply enamel with liquid nail polish dryer)

If you have used the gel, help yourself Of the special heater (dries nails ) to dry it, and then proceed with the drafting of your enamel, or your color gel, preferred. Roll out a little polish (or gel) at a time to prevent it from overflowing on the cuticles or make small unattractive lumps on your nail decoration. To obtain a perfect result performed two coats of enamel, while for the gel it one will suffice. Again used the stove in your possession to dry nail polish or gel (if you use the enamel remember to buy the drops “or spray” that allow the same to dry for about 5 seconds, making you save a lot of time).

Then switch to run a decoration on your nail art which of course will be performed free-hand (if you are an expert in a little nail art or know how to make decorations watching some tutorial) or by applying the decorations that you have found ready on the market (small stickers from the transparent base specially created to run the nail art. Spread the protective enamel to protect your decor and your nail polish, for multiple days.

Practically, if you have the cuticles around the nails, you’ll have to remove them using a small gel You can ride the scrub and the special push cuticles. Obviously you need to file your nails, giving the same the desired shape (if you have your nails very short is always preferable file them in round rather than rectangular). Then apply the gel on your nails to make them stronger and more resistant. If you are a beginner use a self-leveling gel to simplify the operation and to ensure that, in your nail art, there are very aesthetic anti gradients (it should be noted that if you do not have brittle nails problems, you can avoid using the self-leveling gel and replace the same with a simple basic enamel, to prevent the enamel color can pigment nails).