How to Apply Mascara

The Make-up allows us to enhance our beauty and mascara is one of the products for decades are in the millions of women beauty case.

Today we will explain how to apply mascara, what types of mascara exist, how to choose them and we reveal some curiosity really interesting on mascara.

Obviously can not miss our tips and strategies for small get beautiful eyelashes so easy!

We see practically, step by step how to put on mascara.

Before applying mascara, if you want to curl your lashes, ehuacom advises you use an eyelash curler. How to do? The eyelash curler is challenged as though it were a pair of scissors, you have to open the ends and let in the lashes inside, then tighten the eyelash curler. It is part of the lashes from root to move then as later, doing the same motion. The use of the eyelash curler is optional, of course.

Now pull the brush of mascara and, looking in the mirror, pass it on lashes starting from the base of the lash line up to the tips. The mascara is applied on the entire length of the eyelashes, we can reach also the most external.

The movement should be repeated several times to ” comb ” the eyelashes and distribute the right amount of product.It ‘important to realize the movement from the bottom upwards, following the natural shape of the eyelashes, to separate and incurvarle.

To give more volume, after a first pass on all the lashes you made ​​a zig zag movement. Then wipe again along the length.
To curl your lashes more, you can stop at half past keeping the curved eyelashes for a few seconds and then wipe.

Do not forget to pass the mascara on the lower lashes if we want to make it look like the biggest eye. Finally a comb for eyebrows may be useful to eliminate any lumps, or to better separate the eyelashes (optional).

There are different types of mascara that are designed to achieve a specific effect: lengthening, volumizing, incurvanti, extra volume (false eyelashes effect) or for a natural result . Each has a mascara formulation that particular characterizes the texture, the density of the product, the water resistance, but also can have a curative effect thanks to the presence of particular vitamins and active agents. The waterproof mascara (which are resistant to water) are perfect to use in the summer, and when we want to ensure greater resistance of the makeup.

The pipe cleaners are different and functional effect you want to achieve: a corolla, a fan, butterfly, three-dimensional, snowflake, comb. They can be silicone or with classic bristles. The most used color mascara is black but today in the market if they come in many other colors (purple, green, blue, gray etc.), To those glitterati. The colored mascara can be used alone or as a top coat, only at the tips, after the writing of black mascara.

How to choose the best mascara? It depends on the type of eyelashes and the ‘ effect to be obtained. Who little thick and thin eyelashes will focus on volumizing mascara, brushes with extra size, or devise some strategy to increase the volume (see tips at end of article). For eyelashes thick but short, it may be useful to choose a lengthening mascara that usually also has the function to accurately separate the eyelashes. Who little curved eyelashes , in addition to using an eyelash curler before, can choose a curling mascara. Those with problems allergies, sensitive eyes or contact lenses can opt for specific mascara. On the market there are also mascara that combine multiple effects together.

Want some examples? Pupa Vamp is among the best-selling mascara in the last year with excellent value for money, for extra volume effect. Among the most appreciated are also bulking Hypnose Doll Eyes of Lancome , the Design Mascara Collistar for a natural volume effect, the Mascara Volume Million Lashes L’Oréal Paris. The mascara Effet Faux Cils of Yves Saint Laurent is considered among the best mascara “eyelashes” effect, or more for a fake-eyelash effect is famous Diorshow Dior, equipped with an XXL brush. Dior Iconic Overcurl, among incurvanti together in High Impact Curling Mascara Clinique that is specific for sensitive eyes . Also for those with sensitive eyes, highly recommended it is the  Respectisme Mascara Ultra doux of La Roche Posay. The top seller right now is Sephora perfumeries They’re real! Of Benefit , among the novelties to prove that there is a very promising The Volume Mascara Chanel . Among the low cost we mention the much-loved mascara Essence I Love Extreme for a volume effect, or mascara Kiko Ultra Tech for a lengthening effect.

How to get a spectacular volume effect? There are several strategies that especially those who have thin eyelashes and too thick will appreciate a lot.

You can superimpose 3 different mascara, starting from the base with a white primer from a little pasty consistency which creates a infoltente films, but not for this disk, on our natural eyelashes, then apply a lengthening mascara by thin brush, combing the eyelashes one by one making them open and stretched, ready to receive a super volumizing product from oversized brush to get a “WOW” effect even if nature has not been very generous with our eyelashes.

Are you looking for a more secret to having very intense and voluminous lashes? Never forget to darken the hairline of lashes with a thin pencil or eyeliner black or brown coat, depending on your taste and your complexion, and also insist a lot with the application of mascara on the outer lashes: darken and “open” very outer lashes not only makes it more magnetic eyes, but gives a much more intense effect on the corolla of our eyelashes, which in this way is much more “open” and voluminous.

To give a little help to thinner eyelashes cosmetic houses have thought of special volumizing products, such as fibers for lashes: special synthetic fibers or natural by the minute size that “glue” to fresh mascara lashes with a simple brush, then be fixed again with another layer of mascara. In this way even the finest lashes acquire body and the result is very similar to that of false eyelashes, without the hassle of applying and terror that can come off treacherously mid-evening.

These special bulking fibers have been unavailable for a long time in our country, but for a couple of years the colossus of low cost Essence has proposed in its permanent collection a volumizing powder by the color white consists of tiny fibers , became part of the beauty case of all the most demanding beauty addicted, that with a paltry expense can have daily long eyelashes and voluminous as the stars!

To date the most innovative beauty brands have introduced in the market for very specific primer, enriched of nylon fibers that we talked about before, to prepare to receive the lashes mascara as comprehensively. These include for example, Nourishing Mascara Base of Shiseido, Lash Building Primer of Clinique, Cils Booster Mascara Base of Lancome and Lash Primer Plus of Estee Lauder.

Among the latest innovations on the market it came out a treatment to lengthen and thicken lashes signed GoodSkin Labs, American cosmetics company in a group Estee Lauder, which launched in recent weeks the special stretching and infoltente system eyelashes eyliplex-2, for sale exclusive perfumeries Dougla s, where expert beauty consultant will guide you in the purchase of this product and all the other high-performance cosmetics signedGoodSkin Labs .

Eyliplex-2 promises to visibly lengthen and thicken lashes in just 8 weeks of use: If you want to know more take a look at our article in which we told you about the entire line GoodSkin Labs, and remember that we will soon review this extraordinary product infoltente and stretching for eyelashes.

Mascara is a very charming cosmetics not only for the results it gives to our eyes, but for its history and its origins. The first “mascara” was invented in New York in 1913 by TL Williams, who created a mixture of coal dust and Vaseline to help his sister Mabel to win back her boyfriend. This discovery began to depopulate and to be required by many women, so Williams started selling it via post and soon after founded the company Maybelline, today’s leading company in the cosmetic industry that we all know (affiliated with L’Oreal since 1996).

The mascara was only sold in loaves and was composed of dyes and wax carob. To exert he bathed one toothbrush and you spent on mascara dough, then applied to the eye lashes. The modern packaging with tube and toothbrush appeared only in 1957, when it was introduced by Helena Rubinstein.

In subsequent years the mascara has become one of the most famous cosmetics in the world for its ability to enhance the look without making too much effort. Since the 50/60 today mascara is the ‘accessory most loved by us women, the beauty icons such as Sophia Loren and Sharon Stone, the most desperate housewife like sciura Maria, impossible to lose it!;

We hope that our article on how to apply the mascara and the useful tips and practical for the choice of mascara, and for the application you enjoyed. Let us know what you think and what is your favorite mascara!