How Not to Wear Leggings

Errors When It Comes To Dressing Leggings


A few weeks ago published on our blog some ideas on how to combine leggings to be perfect in any occasion. As for any garment, there are more ways to implement them, well because better combine with other items either because they enhance in greater or lesser extent the figure. As well, today we bring you a series of tips which you should never do to get a legging.

Prevent Will Mark The Underwear

One major time of dressing, concern is that I will mark our underwear.As well, in the case of the leggings, this concern is even greater. It is a very close-fitting garment to the body, does that we have to be more careful when choosing our underwear. Cullotes, Boxers, lace apparel or Brazilians are possibly marked with greater ease. In addition, when choosing the color, you choose colors similar to the leggings of underwear, this will help soften the marks.

The Right Size

Although the leggings are elastic and adapt perfectly to the shape of our legs, does not mean that there are different sizes. It is important to choose the right size if we don’t want to go completely compressed into leggings. In addition, when choosing sizes smaller are usually mark many areas that look pretty nasty and jump at the sight of all.Therefore, it is best when you buy them, that you try you before to see that it is.

The Perfect Combination

As you already have on the blog a few weeks ago, there are numerous ways to combine leggings to create incredible looks, but there are also combinations that are not conducive to anything. Being a close-fitting garment, a typical mistake is to combine them with other garments just as tight as tops, shirts or blouses, since these combinations do not help a proportion. Combinations like oversize sweaters, blazers, dresses or shirts wide create very proportioned and elegant looks.

Leggings Smooth Vs. Prints

As for other clothing, the use of colors is essential to create a silhouette or a perfect look. While the prints will add volume to your legs and hips, dark leggings will make you look much slimmer. It is important not to abuse the prints: If you already have a patterned shirt, it is better that our leggings are smooth, and vice versa.


Leggings are stretch garments! This means that with certain movements they stretch and become more translucent. Be careful with the type of material that you choose for your leggings, and above all, with the use that you are going to give. If you go to the gym, find a stronger material leggings to not cause strange looks. Very cheap leggings tend to be it because they are made with shoddy materials and after a few washes the fabric wears out and begins to lose color. Therefore know very demanding when it comes to buy your leggings if you do not want to spend uncomfortable moments.