How Much Would You Spend with Your Security?

Nowadays for many surveillance cameras have become an essential item, to ensure the safety of people who live in dangerous environments or even in environments that are calmer, thus creating more peace of mind for all that there are.

Selling security cameras has increased 40% equivalent to previous years, people start to care more about personal security and of the entire family, and with that began to acquire products that help maintain the tranquility and security.

With this expansion in the CCTV market, were several changes of increasingly advanced technologies, allowing you to feel protected during your day to day with these new technologies that have emerged in the market you can monitor your home, your car, helping to decrease the costs and ensure the safety of all your personal assets.

The CCTV market has options for every budget, from cheaper alternatives were created the most expensive. In Clear, you find CCTV products with most affordable prices that will meet the needs of your project.

We work with equipment for basic designs to robust projects that require cameras with very high technology.

Among the equipment you can find in analogue line cameras with good price that will meet low-budget projects, yet ensuring your safety.

On line AHD, you find products for projects that require a high quality and sharpness in the images, with the best price on the market.

And on line IP we have high-resolution cameras that can be used in small, medium and large companies, since residential installations to monitoring projects that require the technology of our IP cameras.

Contact our commercial and see the prices and the cameras that will attend to your project.