How Much Meaning in a Single Piece of Jewelry!

I was asked to write about the wedding rings and I’m happy about that, because it is a subject that I love and that I staunchly. After all, the Alliance is, in most cases, the first piece of jewelry purchased by a couple. This small gold ring will accompany you throughout life and should be chosen with love (of course), but also, with discretion, because this will be the jewel more inseparable after saying “I do”. It is therefore good to answer 3 questions before you buy it:

1) what I like today and would like in the future: traditional or modern? yellow or white gold? wide or narrow? matte or polished? abaolada or flat? women different from men?
Knowing what you want is the first step to begin to settle, says The Council is to live the present moment, but with an eye wide open for the future. Today you can be a fan of ballads and modern stuff. But tomorrow can follow a traditional career and find that new Alliance no longer has anything to do with you. Alliance is like a tattoo: supposedly indelible. So choose one that can stay in your hand forever.

2) price or durability?
Without doubt the second, after all is the jewel of life, 24 hours a day. For this reason, we should choose a piece of jewelry that is resistant rigid control of quality and guarantee. Choose by price is a temerity, especially something so emotional value. In fact, there’s a big difference between price and value: price is only dollar sign, value is durability, safety and warranty. We should require this.

3) Choose between comfort or fashion/design?
Of course the best thing to do is have it both ways in a single Alliance. Most people choose the design, but the comfort has to speak up. You have to put on your finger and after some time, feel no more. The best test is to pass by the betrothal, because most people are right-handed and uses the right hand to everything (opening doors, carrying bags, play tennis etc). If the ring is comfortable in right hand, guarantee you not to feel after getting married. Check the inside of the ring and see if there is no corner alive that will cut your fingers.

Something we should keep in mind is that the Alliance, because it is made in precious metals and more malleable, with daily use will scratch. This is totally normal and even appreciated by the most experienced. We must prevent Polish the rings, because in less than a week of use, it will be scratched again. I suggest doing it only a week before the wedding. After all, the more scratched, more you shows that “is very well together (a) for a long time!”.