How Many Hours of Sleep Does a Dog Need?

The your dog usually spend the day sleeping,or is he more agitated?Just like us, dogs need sleep.See the tips!

The better your friend spends all day sleeping, or he’s very agitated? Did you know that, just like us, dogs need rest and need some good hours of sleep? Have you ever stopped to ask how many hours of sleep your dog should sleep a day? Were you curious? Then be sure to read the article!There are dogs that are agitated all the time, that is, whether it’s morning, afternoon or evening until dawn: they want to play and have fun. But, also, have those who are more quiet and love to sleep and rest most of the day’s your dog? He is agitated or quieter?

But what determines the sleep of the dogs? It can be influenced by various aspects such as race, age and lifestyle. Until the seasons influence the sleep of the dogs as, for example, in winter, they (and we) love to take a NAP.

But, how many hours of sleep dogs need sleep? There are several factors, such as age. If your best friend is still a puppy, he will sleep well more than adult dogs. To give you an idea, the Cubs can get to sleep 16 hours a day depending. A lot, isn’t it? And if your dog is already adult, he can sleep, on average, 9 to 11 hours.

However you must be attentive to your dog’s behavior changes. For example, if he has always been restless and playful, and then went on to be sleepy and lazy you should pay attention. The reverse is also true, i.e., if your best friend always liked to sleep and then began to get agitated, beware. In cases of changes of behavior is recommended to find a veterinarian so that he can give the correct guidelines and explain the reasons for the change in your dog’s behavior.

In this way, dogs need as much rest as we do. During the cold, remember to protect your best friend with dog clothes, blankets from and puts him to sleep in a bed that doesn’t have a lot of air circulation, so he will have a peaceful night’s sleep and protected from the cold.
How about telling us us comments-what’s your best friend: he loves to sleep or is quiet and peaceful. We want to know!