How Good Is a 90-Euro Smart phone?

The new Lumia 435 so far is Microsoft’s cheapest Smart phone, the MSRP is just 90 euros. But how good can be such a cheap device? Better than you think.

The new top Smart phones that will be to HTC, Samsung and other manufacturers at the Mobile World Congress, many hundred euros, the upper class often cost more than 700 euros. You offer for it among the fastest processors, high-resolution displays, and noble enclosure.Microsoft’s new Lumia 435 currently costs 89 euro and will be soon to have even less money. What can buyer expect? The fastest, slimmest, sharpest Smart phone isn’t the device truly, but it’s amazingly good for a small price.

The Lumia 435 is a little Chubbie 118.1 x 64.7 x 11.7 mm a, but cheap it will not work. The plastic housing fits perfectly, no creaks or can be pressed too easily. Even the plastic buttons on the right side look for and not wobble. The polycarbonate dress seamlessly nestled up to the display frame, makes a very solid impression. You realize how stable it is, if one subtracts it to insert SIM or microSD card. Through the matte surface of the enclosure is the weight 134 grams Lumia 435 well and safely in hand.

Display OK, Cheap Camera

In cheap smart phones, often very poor displays, but not sit at 435 Lumia. It is somewhat dark, reflects strong and its surface is greasy quickly. But with a pixel density of 233 ppi the screen may be reasonable even fine writing, as long as the text and background are not tone on tone. The viewing angle stability of the display is acceptable, contrasts and colors considered but quickly made pale from the side.

The touch screen responds accurately and without delay. Anyway, the device can be amazingly fluid control, hitch or trailer are very rare. Only stop the fun at the 90-euro Smart phone elaborate games or overloaded Web pages. No pleasure also the 2-megapixel camera without photo light on the back. You focused while reasonably fast, but don’t expect more than just still acceptable photos. No wonder high-quality camera modules are expensive. The 0.3 megapixel front-facing camera is in good light quite video chat capability, for Selfies take the rear camera with special Lumia app better.

Microsoft already delivers the Smart phone with Windows phone 8.1 and also the language assistant Cortana is ready to receive German statements and questions. 1560 mAh capacity battery brings the cheap Smart phone loosely throughout the day.

All in all is surprisingly well the Lumia 435 for its low price. It is suitable especially for beginners or as a rugged second device. As an alternative, the slightly older Lumia 630 offers to, is almost as cheap to have at on line retailers. The Smart phone has a faster processor and a better main camera, a front-facing camera but missing him.