How Expensive Should an Engagement Ring Be?

A Young Couple Is Criticized Because It Can Afford An Expensive Engagement Ring. FIX: It Is But The Love Which Is One!

“Engagement Rings For $120-How Pathetic!”

Ariel and Quinn are 22 years old and seriously in love. The pair of Tennessee/ USA has two years ago online met. Both knew quickly: this is forever! On November 18 this year, they decided to get married.Large lucky only engagement and wedding rings were missing. The student and the employee of a garage could not make large jumps, so they drove to a shopping center and were looking favourable, but pretty jewellery by Pandora.

“The Love That Counts, Not The Size Of The Ring”

“A woman who worked there helped to choose. I found beautiful engagement and wedding rings together 130 dollars (around 120 euros) “, in an interview with the BBCtells Ariel. But then another sales force intervened. Out loud she commented: “you can imagine that? Really, there are men who buy it as an engagement ring. How pathetic! My friend has saved already $30,000 (around 28,000 euros) for my rings – and this is just the beginning.”

Quinn froze. “He was already worried whether he could afford the rings”, says Ariel. Their decisive reply silenced the seller: “It not on the size of the ring is, but on love.”

This experience was the young woman so much that she published a longer post on Facebook—along with a photo of their engagement rings. To do so, she writes: “I married this man with a ring of the bubble gum machines.” And further: “How it could happen that you think in our country, men could only love women, if they spend at least $3,000 for a piece of jewelry?”

Thus, Ariel apparently struck a nerve. More than 56,000 times her Facebook post was already divided, out of solidarity with her, many women have photos of (cheap) Engagement rings posted. Our consumer society is many US media reported the story that says as much about the love of this couple – and about the absurdities.

“Even if we could afford ever more expensive rings, we would want to not share our”, says Ariel. “These rings declare our love. It has begun unconventional and spontaneously and express exactly the rings.”