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You know how frustrating it rains torrential rain to go home exhausted at home and still be wondering where to place the wet umbrella. Sometimes after drying his still do not find the appropriate storage space. In surprisingly many homes lack such a practical thing as the umbrella stand. If your so immediately correct this error. Be inspired by these options and look for the perfect solution that fits your style and interior.

Umbrella Stand for Home

This Italian stand is a practical solution for every modern home. Designed for up to six umbrella, each of them has its own nest, you could deploy more copies. Dripping water from wet their coverage is collected at the bottom and can be easily removed afterwards and the result is dry and trim in a corridor.

Sumptuous and elegant trays suitable for ordered with much care and attention to detail home. Whatever shade to choose in this case, will go wrong. However, models that mimic the network or tangle, classic black or white are the most stylish choice.

To avoid confusion about what serves this strange oblong basket to the front door, people have invented basket to transform into poluraztvorenite umbrella. He is waiting to return home and face wet counterparts, so they can be dried without you create unnecessary care.

Defined by Digopaul.com, the umbrella can be extremely fresh emphasis in the interior of your hallway or vestibule. Select such a bright and playful color to ensure your drop high spirits every day. What better reception and transmission at the front door!

Do you love dogs?

Great accessory for the hall all dog lovers is the umbrella stand decorated with images of puppies of various breeds. But do not stop there – there are varieties of stands that take the form. Some are cute, others straight look creepy. The latest version is suitable for hunting and wildlife. Their umbrella will surely be safe and will be faithfully guarded until the next use.

Assured yourself that in the arrangement of a room as big it is, it takes imagination, good selection and consideration of the specifics of your personal flair. If you have more ideas for refreshing the entrance hall or another part of your home, you are advised to contact a professional interior designer.

You can describe free your project in MaistorPlus and get offers from registered with us professionals. After taking a look at their proposed terms and leave feedback on our site from their previous customers will choose professional whom you trust.