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Elegant and high gloss lacquered furniture is popular again for modern interiors. For a long time even in the modern house naturally colored wood in high demand, but it has changed. The past has usually black, white and other colored furniture is quite fashionable again. The furniture discussed on Simplyyellowpages, is also tight in the paint, she makes extra striking. It is a trend that comes from a renewed interest in contemporary furniture design from the 50s, 60s and 70s, and is actually a retro trend.

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Modern decor and retro

It sounds contradictory, but it is still far come: There are several modern furnishing styles over time as long as they can be called retro. This applies primarily to furniture and other household appliances for the first time in 50s, 60s and 70s came on the market. It mainly relates to furniture designed in the functional modernism, the function of the furniture was considered more important than the form. Today, the simple but clear rules for this style, however, is highly valued.
There’s been a development over the years in the austere modern in 50s stylish modern in the 70s:

  • In the 50s, there was first talk of mass production of furniture. To enable the furniture should remain very simple.
  • In the 60s there was room for more cheerful and playful furniture design, both in terms of color and shape.
  • In the 70s finally got real straight, modern decor in fashion.

But these interiors evoked a reaction to what led to the beginning of postmodernism in the 70s, which was shaped more attention than function. However, this is a cautious start. Only in the 80s postmodernism is really free with lots of attention to form, color and decoration. As a result, it is modern and functional decoration of favor.
The time is now behind us. Since a number of years, the contemporary interiors of about 60 years enjoying a growing popularity. This is evident both in the form of retro, with furniture by famous designers at the time the brothers Eames, Mies van der Rohe or Arne Jacobsen all the way back in his. The second is to find it in new furniture, whose designs are inspired by named representatives.


Geometric relationships have always been important in modern design. Which obviously can encounter all the different forms of expression, but very elegant design with mostly straight lines, has become one of the most popular varieties. More than any other furniture cabinets and tables suitable for molding to train.

Modern cabinet

The bookcase, sideboard and TV cabinet of their natural rights are important elements in the modern interior. In this context, the elegant interior of the kitchen very well. Currently, beside cupboards stylish designer kitchen is to recover fully.
But even more playful and round design from later periods are. Since consider the straight cabinet with rounded corners or closets with honeycomb design.

Modern tables

The modern retro table comes with both a circular and a rectangular table top, but is basically simple form. Really wonder if the dining room is only in combination with retro chairs such as chairs by Arne Jacobsen.
Even the coffee table can be in the style of dining and / or supplied with the cabinets.


The colors that these pieces are often in line with those of the modern art: black, white and the primary colors red, yellow and blue. In addition, red otherwise much more common than yellow, and blue. Remarkably, however, this familiar combinations complemented by a number of shades of gray and medium gray and anthracite. Grey still seen in the past as a boring for an interior, but in practice it is of course to combine a very good color. Interspersed with the other more vibrant colors, there are no dull or dreary.
The kitchen is also bright shades such as vanilla or cream possible. These are colors that reflects the relative amount of light, for example, a small kitchen makes it seem larger than it is. A crisp white kitchen still reflects the most light, but not everyone likes it because it can do a little too cool, clean impression.
In addition to the primary colors are the years but also someone else, some lighter but still deep colors become common in modern interiors. These are colors like orange, apple green, turquoise and cyclamen. In these colors, you will not find fast all furniture or kitchen, but except for a small scale, they can provide a new effect.

Glossy varnish

In this story, it is brilliant lakmeubel still the most trendy. Thus generally be finished with high-gloss lacquered MDF. Besides cabinets and tables are also some chairs, lamps and other home accessories that are equipped with a glossy paint or other coating.
These gloss can actually give a light and airy effect in small spaces. The fact is always shiny surfaces reflect more light than sad, because then join a reflective effect.
A disadvantage with lacquered furniture is that you quickly move and look dirt. One advantage is that you are on the other side she cleans easily.

Your taste?

Also discussed design furniture currently much in vogue here and get drunk, you better think carefully before you buy them. These are namely quite pronounced furniture and kitchen is not exactly blend in discreetly with the rest of the decor. And since you probably will live for a while, so you’d better be sure you really want to do for a long period.