Hippie Chic Sandals Trends

Get to know the  trends of hippie chic 2015 sandals  and discover what are the main features of these modern pieces that have a”foot” in the retro. The new models are responsible for making women’s feet more charming, comfortable and relaxed.

Several brands of women’s shoes are including chic hippie sandals in their respective collections. These pieces are simple, comfortable and bring out the fashion concept that was so popular in the 60s and 70s.

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Hippie chic 2015 sandals trends

Much has been said about the chic hippie style in the fashion world. In short, this aesthetic proposes a new reading of what was trend in the 70’s, but using current materials and a touch of modernity.

The chic hippie look is totally inspired by the past, combining fun, cheerful and relaxed elements. The issue of comfort is also taken very seriously.

Check out the following trends of hippie chic 2015 sandals :

Comfort first

Sandals that value the chic hippie style put comfort first, so they bet on the low-rise model or platform heel. The design is usually shaped perfectly(and anatomically) to accommodate the feet without causing pain or sores.


The feet also enter the chic hippie style through the sandals with moorings. Braided strips leave the look more alternative than ever before.

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Rustic materials

The chic hippie sandals, whether they be skirted or with platform heels, can value rustic materials such as leather, suede, linen and rope.

Craft Details

The handcrafted details usually make a presence in hippy chic sandal models, valuing the beauty of a work done by hand. It is common to find pieces made with crochet or fabric finishing.


The chic hippie style demands many colors and floral or ethnic-tribal prints. The sandals that follow this fashion concept are responsible for making the feet colorful, fun and cheerful. It is worth mentioning that, often, the diversity of colors is represented by the pedraria.

Earthy shades

The color of the sandals, almost always, contrasts with the earthy tones of the rustic materials. This combination makes the perfect footwear to compose the casual look.

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Now that you know the trends of hippie chic 2015 sandals , enjoy the tips and turn your look. To further enhance style, enhance your look with flowing dresses, long skirts, tunics or gowns. Continue in the Tribal World and see many other fashion stories.