Highlighter: Expert Tips Glossy

What is a highlighter and how does it work? “Rouge Bunny Rouge” make-up artist Holger Weins reveals how to set shimmering accents.

What is a highlighter or what can he do?
Highlighters are maquillage products which can be used to highlight facial and body parts by brightening or to illuminate in the form of a light shimmer. There are highlighters in the most diverse designs. Eyeshadow, powder, concealer, pencil or even special creamy and liquid highlighting liquids.
Where can I find Highlighter?
With a highlighter you can not only set accents, you can model the face and so also the facial contours. Everything that is highlighted with highlighters comes out.

  • The nose looks more refined when you apply a narrow strip of the creamy or liquid highlighter on the nasal crest. For a slightly longer or curved nose, strike it only on the upper nasal bridge and do not pull the line up to the nasal tip but only approximately to the middle.
  • A small swab on the inside of the eye gives your make-up a touch of freshness, “opens” your eyes and lets them radiate. Deep-eyed eyes can be highlighted and illuminated when you apply the Hightlighter on the complete movable lid.
  • For an elegant silhouette of your face, apply the fluid or powder to your cheekbones. These look more defined and the cheeks have a smooth contour.
  • You can achieve refined lip contours when applying a delicate line with a liquid or creamy highlighter along the upper lip. Then wear your lipstick or lip gloss as usual.
  • To emphasize your eyebrows and for a nice swing, use a finger or a brush to apply a delicate line of liquid or creamy highlighters immediately below the highest point of the eyebrow, the archwire. Begin from the middle of the brow and gently drain the line by gently wiping it with the fingers toward the temple.
  • For an almost invisible touch of freshness and for a natural radiance mix the Highlighter with either a primer or your moisturizer/foundation following  Health-beauty-guides.
  • Set highlights over your cheekbones and temples to create a healthy, fresh look by applying a powdery highlighter with a powder brush.

What should I look for when applying?
No matter whether a creamy, powdery or liquid highlighter is used by you, you always have to handle it sparingly. With Highlighters less is often more. Therefore, you should carry out small amounts more than once, and let it leak well; veneer it well so that no “hard” edges are created. If you are not so practiced with the brush, best to apply creamy and liquid highlighter easily with your fingers.

Which Hightlighter suits me?
It is very important that you select a highlighter according to your face color so that it does not protrude too much. It also depends on the use; If you want to appear as kissed by the sun, you need a slightly darker highlighter. But never use a too dark highlighter! One to two nuances darker than your skin tone is sufficient to achieve a natural finish.
Silvery, rosé-colored highlighters are ideal for some freshness, for a touch of shimmer. Especially silvery, white highlighters are very hard on tanned skin. Gold-rosé and golden-brown tones are wonderful for the spring and summer months and can be used both with pale and tanned skin types.

Rouge Bunny Rouge has a small collection consisting of the illuminating emulsions “Sea of ​​Light”, the illuminating powders “Muses of Light”, a solar effect fluid and powder “As if it were still summer”. In addition, there is the “Elfengarn”, a lightening correction pen, and the recently released lightening duo Kajal pencil “Radiant Glances” which can also be used as a highlighter. Care should be taken to ensure that highlighters do not contain coarse glitter particles, but glimmer gently and have a pearlescent effect.