High Quality USB Hubs

In the Dutch studio Boynq, specialize in designing stylish aksesuari to PCand other electronic gadgets, offer novelty USB hub.


The device, named Swing represents miniaryuren dome supported by arched struts below which are attached four cable ending with USB connectors. This design creates more freedom; in fact, even if you doubt the practicality of the decision, its appearance can be a decisive argument for the purchase. The color combination does make it universal in terms of its integration into the interior.

The idea of ??the hub is occupied by Newton’s cradle and he looks more like a souvenir than a standard computer accessory.

Newton’s cradle is a mechanical model made by Isaac Newton, to demonstrate the conversion of kinetic energy of bodies in potential and vice versa.

Funny USB Hubs

If your computer is hungry for new files, very useful for him, and you could be this fun device that represents a USB hub.


The design of the sympathetic premier-pharmacy.com/product/priligy/ widget is shaped in the form of a toaster, and complete it will receive 7 port hubs, each with a capacity of 4 GB, made in an appropriate style and themes – of fragrant toasted slices of bread, each with its own name and mood. The device is available and free adapter for SD memory cards and the price of the whole set amount to $ 128.

Hubs are not just convenient way to multiply the USB port on your computer, but also fun accessory that should please the eye. An example is the Poodle. This is a nice hub in the form of beautiful poodle. USB Ports are four – one for each leg of the dear creature.

When the device works puppy eyes glow green. The price of the model is quite modest – $ 16.