High-Collar Dresses And Blouses: How To Use This Modeling With Style And Elegance

Dresses and blouses with a high collar are a great option for winter looks, as they help protect you from the cold, but they are also sure options to leave the production with an extra touch of personality and elegance – even in the summer, after all there are models of collar High sleeveless and in fresh fabrics.

Versatile, the high-necked pieces go through many styles without error. You can create a basic production with a simple turtleneck and jeans trousers , or, a more elaborate look with a turtleneck lace dress for a nightly event.

Not to mention the numerous combinations you can make with the pieces, such as wearing a turtleneck under a fresh dress, or a high-necked midi dress along with a leather jacket. The possibilities are endless!

To help you create amazing looks with high-necked dresses and blouses, Ethnicityology has developed some tips in partnership with style consultant Danyla Borobia. Check it!

High Collar In Casual Looks

The high collar will transform the casual look into something more elegant, with a tidy face, without the slightest effort. Danyla gives two productions tips for different styles: “To give a fashionista look to the look, it is enough to compose with overlays, to wear the blouse with the high collar underneath another piece, it can be a slip dress , shirt, overalls, For the most basic girls, you can make a high collar midi dress with a white sneaker and jeans jacket tied at the waist or with oversized military parka, in addition to comfortable the look will be updated.

High Collar In Fresh Looks

If you think that high-necked dresses and sweaters are only for lower temperatures. You can also create beautiful and fresh looks, note the tips of the consultant: “to keep the look cooler, it is best to bet on blouses or high collar dresses in the regatta model and in lighter and natural fabrics, so it is possible to create looks Modern and fresh. A good bet is to compose with a third piece, which can be an oversized vest, which will make the silhouette elongated, fresh and more elegant. On the feet, one can opt for slides , mules, sneakers and sandals. “

High Collar In Formal Looks

The high collar already has an extra touch of elegance by itself, if combined with more sober pieces the result will be an elegant formal look. “If the dress code of the company is very rigid it is best to opt for high collar dresses not very fair and bulky, the same goes for sweaters and knitwear. Monochrome looks tend to stretch the silhouette and print sophistication and elegance, “are some tips from the style consultant.

High Collar In Athletic Looks

The first tip here is to bet on sneakers to leave the look with the most sportive footprint.  Jogging pants make up very well with high-necked sweaters, it’s best to opt for shorter and shorter sweater models, for example, the top cropped top ,” explains Danyla. In the case of high-necked dresses, the tip is to bet on the jeans jacket tied around the waist: “besides leaving the look more stripped down still gives a touch of personality,” concludes the consultant.

High Collar In Romantic Looks

Flower, frill, volume and income, are sure elements to make the production more romantic and feminine. Danyla gives some stylish touches to this composition: “The blend of delicate fabrics with heavy and overlapping tend to make the look more modern yet romantic. The overlay with the high collar makes the look interesting and often more veiled, can be composed with slip dresses, sweaters or lace dresses, among other models overlaid the blouse with a high collar. “

High Collar In Evening Looks

Another unusual production, but full of personality and style is to use and abuse the high collar in night looks. Danyla gives some golden tips: “to leave the look with nightgown just compose the high collar with sexier bottoms like leather skirt, miniskirt , skirts, dresses with slits, or even the blouse or dress with strategic transparencies and The cropped sweaters, which tend to make the look sexier. “

High Collar With Necklaces

The high collar + collar combination will leave the look with lots of personality and with a fashion footprint. Danyla explains that the necklaces will look stylish, but you have to pay attention to the message you want to pass: “for example, more festive, glamorous necklaces will draw more attention to the upper part of the trunk, stretching the silhouette by passing the message Of elegance. The high collar can tend to flatten the silhouette, a great trick to lengthen the silhouette is to bet on longer necklaces that have a deeper V-neck, the collar can be simpler or even more flashy, everything will go Depending on the style and personality of the woman.

How To Hit The High Collar Choice

In partnership with style consultant Danyla Borobia, we’ve come up with some essential tips when choosing a high-necked item.

Fabric: Natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk and wool tend to be more comfortable, let the skin breathe, usually do not pinch, are flexible and more elegant.

Balance the silhouette: just invest in lighter and fairer fabrics, that is, nothing too tight and not too bulky, avoiding the larger fluted pieces and everything that generates volume.

Color: the choice of colors can also help, the monochromatic looks tend to stretch the silhouette, in addition to convey a message of elegance.

In addition to considering these points, you should take into account your personal taste and style.We separate some gorgeous high neck products for you who knows find a high collar piece to char of your and create incredible looks. Check it!