Hi Customers Can Use Facebook Messenger for Free

The Hi signed an agreement with Facebook to enable free access to the chat service social network for operator customers. The Mark Zuckerberg’s company did the same kind of partnership with another 17 operators in 13 countries and access will be free until the 15th of September.

It is not today that Facebook is seeking partnerships to expand access social networking.In Brazil, he has an agreement with TIM for customers free access a lightweight version of the page, the o.facebook.com. In addition, the operator’s customers also have free access to social network Infinity Web Modem, prepaid mobile internet service modem.

What matters is that all customers will benefit from Hi agreement, especially customers of prepaid plan that does not have data packet. Still, even those with data packet will also benefit since it will save the Messenger Facebook data traffic of your tadalafil monthly data allowance.

Service availability is somewhat limited: only those who use Facebook Messenger installed on an iPhone or Android will benefit. It would be nice if the application forwebphones low cost (the Asha line Nokia, for example) also receive.

It is quite possible that this agreement is made with other operators, but at the moment there is nothing confirmed.

Currently, the social network competes with WhatsApp, iMessage, Viber and with the brand new Hangouts. Facebook Messenger has a considerable portion of users, but it is a relatively difficult market. When I’m on the phone and need to send a message to someone, open WhatsApp right the first time – only use Facebook Messenger to respond to messages that were normally sent from a computer. I believe this scene repeat itself with others. It is the same with you?