Hesitating Between Sneakers or Heels? Choose Either

This is not the usual pair of gymnastics and even a pair of heels … it’s both? What is it? Of Big City Sneakers of Be & D
Do you love high heels but, like myself, you are not the champions to walk on stilts in danger of losing his ankle? Do not worry, I have the solution … well, then, that come into play these fantastic white sneakers with drawn over a stylized heel. What could we ask for?

Well, perhaps we could ask that they cost a little bit less (are sold at $ 130 to change about 100 €!) … But you can not have everything in life, is not it?

Of course, because in the end I am still of the canvas shoes … but they are really special and are an ideal product for many women! From an extremely comfortable part like any tennis shoe, the other elegant as only a heeled shoe can be. minimal design, almost premier-pharmacy.com/product/doxycycline/ trivial, but really beautiful to look thanks to the contrast that is created between the stylet and the blank canvas!

And apparently this model of shoe is willing even to women who, in the morning, undecided on what to put in front of the shoe, thanks to the Big City to Be & D no longer have to ask yourself the question. Maybe because even they wear stars like Blake Lively likes, Katy Perry, and Leighton Meester? Who knows!

About heels … surely soon will come the collections of winter shoes and they will return to the fore the high sneakers that both liked last year, especially in upholstered versions or covered in leather. They have been so successful that almost every designer and respective brand proposes a different version to color or line …
What do you say? What are your relations in general with the sneaker? The comfortable and inalienable you found or does not ever do get into your shoe?