Herbsttrend: Renaissance Of The Trench Coat

In 2011, he was again one of the absolute highlights of the autumn/winter season, for men as for women. Therefore, I present current models and combinations for those who want to be absolutely trendy this year.

Trenchcoat Classics By Burberry
Someone is lucky enough to have parents or grandparents who have an original Burberry trench coat hanging in the closet. Because we do not pretend that the style and charm of the classic come only a few, but this also costs a hefty bar money: around 1.5000 € costs a trenchcoat of the current Burberry collection.
Whether you want to do it yourself or not, everyone has to decide for themselves, but Burberry stands for quality and a long life. Such a trench coat is bought not just for a season, but for a whole lifetime. But a man who has the necessary small money and style should look more closely at the current collection!

The Trenchcoat By Diesel
But also from other labels this season, of course, the trenchcoat, somewhat less classic, but somewhat more modern, wilder and cheaper. The Jilippo trenchcoat from Diesel is already available for 380€. It also has the classic elements of a trench coat, such as the double-rowed button strip and the belt with buckle closure. It is supplemented with smaller modern elements, such as a detachable hood, a decorated button strip and button adornments on the shoulders.With the modern trenchcoat the passform is more decisive than before. Where the trenchcoat still hung down to the ankles at the time, he is worn today in a figurative manner.
Style has this trenchcoat in any case and thus represents a real alternative to the (more expensive) classic. The modern man with the slightly smaller purse should be accessible here, or with similar models, absolutely!

The Trenchcoat From Delusion
This is definitely something for the brave men of yours, whose style does not fit perfectly into classic cuts and shapes. Many modern elements make this trench coat something special. This begins with the simple row of buttons around the high-necked collar.Furthermore, it does not have the classic belt with buckle closure but ribbed cuffs at waist and collar. The cuffs, the numerous pockets, press buttons and buckles make the trench coat wonderfully modern. This model carries the name Spitfire and is regularly purchased for around 660€, according to Anycountyprivateschools. This trenchcoat is really nothing for every man and must fit the style absolutely.

What do you think of the trenchcoat in the coming season? What are your fashionable alternatives?