Helpful Hints For Hiking With A Dog

Enjoy your dog and nature while practicing sport and follow these safety tips. Your hairy will thank you!

The good weather invites you to enjoy nature and outdoor sports. Have you ever considered taking your pet? Dare to go hiking with your dog. It is a way to oxygenate your body and your mind of the bustling city and the stress of every day, besides keeping you in shape. The innate curiosity of your pet will make you perceive and appreciate the natural world that surrounds us. Your intuition, will give you an extra security during the route. You will see how his face changes when he feels free to run around the field! Now you only have to know a series of recommendations to safely enjoy your hiking route.

8 Tips for Hiking with Dogs

1. Plan the route

First, planning is necessary to be sure of how our route is. We have to know the duration time, the kilometers, the unevenness and the type of terrain. In this way, we will prepare the necessary supplies, both for us and for our furry, and we have the necessary information to know if it is a suitable route for our can. We must avoid routes with a lot of unevenness or with stretches difficult to reach for our dog (such as climbing steps, hanging bridges or ferrata routes), as well as paths without shade, very close to the road or too busy. It is best to choose a path that passes near streams or lakes, because the dog can have fun playing with the water.

2. Consider the breed, age and physical of our dog

When choosing a route you should also take into account the physical strength of your dog as well as his race and age. You can not pretend that a dog that leads a sedentary life makes many kilometers of blow, it is better to go up gradually the level.

3. Study if the terrain is adequate

We must know how the terrain is, as our dog could hurt the pads if the ground is stony, has ice or is asphalt, as the latter is overheated and can cause burns on the legs.

4. Bring your water and food

If we make a hiking route with our dog, in addition to our things, it is necessary to load with the basic elements that our he may need. One of them is water. Just as it is not essential to bring food for our dog (unless the route exceeds more than 15 hours), water is very important, regardless of the time of year. One tip is to accustom our furry to drink from a bottle with a bottle-shaped stopper. We do not waste so much water and it will not take up as much space as a bowl! What you can give your dog is a little fruit to give them glucose and refresh them at the same time.

5. Prepare a kit and the dog’s documents

Before leaving, we must prepare a first aid kit with gauze, bandages, ointments and disinfectant, as well as make sure your dog is protected against parasites and mosquitoes. Neither can we forget to carry the documentation of our hairy and have located the vet 24 hours closer. We must also carry bags are always to collect the poop. In this way we will collaborate with the cleaning of the environment and avoid a possible sanction.

6. Protect your pads

If we are going to make routes with ice, asphalt or rocks, so that they do not suffer the pads it is necessary to protect them with boots of trekking for dogs. In addition, a raincoat or a vest that has reflective can be very useful if we are going to make night routes, go through hunting grounds or the weather forecast indicates rains.

7. Wear it tied

In the field, for your safety, it is necessary to wear it tied, as per city, to release it or not is our responsibility. It is not advisable to take him loose if he is not educated so that he does not leave, if the route is very busy or if we believe that there may be wild animals. Keep in mind that in a forest area you can be misled following a trail and it can be difficult to find. For these occasions, we can use a strap of 10 or 15 meters, will give you the freedom you need but not be loose. Another tip is to tie the strap to our waist , well, hands will be free.

8. Get involved with sports insurance

If you go hiking with your dog during a trip, as well as other outdoor sports, purchase a sports insurance that guarantees medical care, surgery, rehabilitation and the most effective method of rescue in the event of an accident. In addition, hiring atravel insurance for pets as the go | Pets will give you peace of mind thanks to guarantees such as veterinary assistance by accident, repatriation, stay in residence in case the traveler is sick or injured and can not take care of the animal; Expenses for total cancellation or modification or interruption of the trip; Liability, etc.

Source: InterMundial Seguros