HD: High Definition or Hard Disk

HD is an English acronym whose meaning may refer to “High Definition” or “Hard Disk“.

Definition of HD

The term “High Definition” means “high definition” on abbreviationfinder website. HDTV is a feature of the tv sets to receive digital signal and image with high resolution.

The format of these TVs are widescreen (16:9), unlike analog TVs that have the 4:3 format.

The HDTV standard is used in TVs HD Ready or Full HD. The diferenção between the two is the detail of the image. While the HD Ready 1366 x 768 pixels, features a Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels arrives, showing a complete resolution of the image.

The term “Hard Disk” means “hard disk”. The hard drive is the computer’s permanent memory and stores all information that is saved by the user, in addition to applications specific to the operating system.

The HD is also called “secondary memory”. Is the physical memory and non-volatile. Is different from “RAM” just save the information even when your computer is turned off.

The hard drive is a device with large storage capacity and data that comes built into the computer.

The external HD, connected to the computer through a USB port, is a popular alternative for storing all kinds of data: music, movies, photos, backup, etc.